Attendance Q&A

Posted by Columbia Academy on 9/25/2019

Is every day of school really that important?
YES -- every day is extremely important. Missing more than one day a month has been shown to put students at risk of falling behind other and even preventing them from graduating from high school on time with their peers. 

My child doesn’t like school. She needs to stay home at home some days because she finds school very stressful. Is that a problem?
Staying home is not a solution to not liking school. It's important to find the root cause of a strong dislike for school. Working with school administrators, counselors or social workers is a much better way to do this than allowing students to stay home to avoid a difficult situation. Your child has a right to an education--their future depends on it!

Are there consequences for parents if their child misses school? 
Truancy can result in parents being required to appear in court with the real possibility of consequences ranging from required participation in parent education classes to removal of a child due to parental neglect.

Are there different attendance rules for students who are open enrolled from a different district?
Students who open enroll in a district other than their own must attend school regularly or they may not be able to open enroll in the same district the following year. As few as 12 absences, even if they are excused, can result in a school district requiring a student to return to their home district.

I know my child is finding excuses to stay home because he is so unhappy at a school. What can I do? 
The first step is to make sure you communicate with your child’s school administrators. Let them know your concerns and work together to find out what is causing your child to not like school. Often times, school staff can help identify the cause and work with you and your child to solve the issue(s). Staying home is not an effective way for a child to deal with issues at school.  

My child has lots of anxiety about school. What should I do if they don’t want to go to school?
Keep your child going to school as you seek help. Finding a way to help your child lower their anxiety about school may require assistance from mental health professionals. Schools can help. Your family doctor can too. Education is too important to miss. Work to find ways your child can keep learning without debilitating stress. 

What are the stats?
There are 172 school days a year. If your child goes to school for 160, they may be at risk of falling behind their peers. Twelve absences a year is an average of just 1 to 2 days a month -- doesn't seem like much, but it all adds up.


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