Keeping Students Engaged

Posted by Columbia Academy on 9/17/2019

In Columbia Heights Public Schools (CHPS), we strive to keep students engaged in everyday learning in all of their classes. Not only is this best for student achievement, but it is also the best and easiest way to promote good attendance. However, the more ways students are engaged with special activities through the school year can help keep them more motivated and excited to attend school.

At both the elementary and secondary level, CHPS offers ENCORE programming before and after school. ENCORE runs all year and is divided into three trimesters (each with a new variety of classes). These classes provide fun enrichment activities in areas of leadership development, art, music, computer coding, academics and more! At Columbia Academy, one of our most popular ENCORE classes is a mock trial taught by lawyers from a Minneapolis law firm. They prepare students to write their own testimonies and claims for a mock trial conducted at the end of the class with a real judge and jury.

At the secondary level, students are also eligible for seasonal athletics and activities, and school-sponsored clubs such as Robotics, Student Council and Theater. There are a variety of clubs and sports over each season for your student to participate in. The season is just beginning for Robotics, Volleyball, Soccer and Football. 

Activities such as ENCORE, theater and athletics provide a different type of engagement and learning for students which can be very motivating and will support achievement. However, all of these special activities outside the regular school day require regular attendance to participate. If students do not attend school, they are not allowed to participate or compete in extra activities. ENCORE Trimester one starts Sept. 30, so consider signing up your student! There is also still time to get your student involved in Fall athletics and activities.


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