What if a parent does not want their child to bring a device home?

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Each secondary  student in grades 6-11 will be issued a personal device for use at school. Similar to issuing a textbook, we issue devices to students because we believe they are critical tools for learning. However, we respect a parent’s right to choose what comes into their home. In the event that a parent does not wish to allow their student to bring a device home, the following will need to be developed:

A plan for how the student will complete any technology-dependent school work outside of class. Possible solutions may include using after school homework club time, or providing a family-owned device at home for the student to use on assignments. Solutions will not include teachers providing paper copies of assignments for students.

A plan for how a student will pick up and return the device each day, since they will be expected to bring their device to class for in-class work.