North Park Inspires in Kentucky and Texas

Posted by Jeff Cacek on 12/17/2016

Recently, I received an email from a colleague with the subject line: look familiar?" I clicked a link and began viewing a news piece from an NBC affiliate in Austin, Texas. The piece was about a school in Eanes Public Schools that is implementing programming and space that looks very conspicuously like our Learning Studios.

There is a good reason for the resemblance. This school district has contracted with the Cuningham Group and is working with John Pfluger and Judy Hoskens to remodel their learning spaces. John and Judy used video and the sketch of our 2nd Grade Learning Studio to inspire this design team. The results are impressive. Additionally, I have received correspondence from a school in Fort Campbell, KY that has been inspired to transform all of its instructional space into Learning Studios.

While it feels satisfying to inspire others, it feels even better to observe the learning our North Park students experience in our Learning Studio. If you want to see for yourself, give us a call: 763-528-4305.