Inside the Learning Studio: Grade 2

Posted by Meredith Shafer on 4/17/2014


In the 21st century, teachers are tasked with the job of preparing students for a future we can only imagine. Our children may someday work in fields and jobs that do not even exist right now! Even the content on the internet is constantly growing as it doubles every few months. It is impossible to "fill" their brains with all the information they will need to be successful in our ever-changing world.

In our Learning Studios, we focus on learning skills that will help prepare them for this future world. As you know from previous blog posts, we call these skills The Four C's: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking. These skills allow students to be successful no matter the content area because their skills are flexible.

Our Learning Studios allow students to work on these skills with the teacher as a facilitator and guide. Students learn by doing things on their own, with other students, and with teachers in small groups. Instruction is individualized and focused on the needs of the students. There is a lot of choice from where students sit, to what they read, and even how they show what they have learned. Technology is integral. Students in the Learning Studios are experts at using iPads and computers. They use both to access content, practice skills, record observations, and create a variety of projects to share what they have mastered.


Our students have the opportunity to practice 21st Century Skills through hands-on engineering explorations and student-driven project-based learning. The Learning Studio allows for plenty of flexibility, movement, and choice during these projects. The structure of the programming and procedures in the studio allows for students to get help when they need it and they quickly learn that everyone is a teacher and their classmates are excellent resources!

The Learning Studio prepares students for real-world work situations where they will need to collaborate with others, problem-solve by using critical thinking skills, use creativity, and communicate with others in a variety of ways. It is truly superior to a traditional classroom!