Why won’t the bus come into our cul-de-sac?

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• Once again, there are several reasons for this:
• Efficiency is paramount to our transportation system. 
• Entering each cul-de-sac adds significant time to a route.  Time the driver and students do not have.  Minimizing bus stops reduces costs for fuel as well as wear and tear on the buses. 
• Many cul-de-sacs are not designed for large vehicle.  A full-sized bus needs at least 115 feet to safely turn and most cul-de-sacs are 90 feet wide.
• Backing a school bus is a dangerous maneuver and not recommended by the Minnesota State Highway Patrol.
• Many neighborhoods use the cul-de-sac as an extension of their yards.  We do not want the driver to have to navigate parked cars, basketball hoops, boat trailers, and children's toys.