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Columbia Academy Students Headed to MN History Day State Competition

Twelve Columbia Academy (CA) students qualified to compete in the State Competition for MN History Day, run by the Minnesota Historical Society at the University of Minnesota. The regional competition took place on March 5, 2024 at the University of Minnesota and the State Competition will take place on Saturday, April 20th at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Here are the titles of the research projects that CA students presented at the MN History Day Regional Competition and will be presenting at the State Competition on April 20, 2024:

  • "Green Revolution: Turning Points in Agriculture" - Kieran Carruthers
  • "The Annexation of Tibet: A Turning Point for the Tibetan People" - Tashi Dhundup and Norbu Lama
  • "When Rome Falls, So Will the World" - River Kieffer and Xavier Vital-Schwartz
  • "The Indian Salt March, How This March Changed the Way We Live Today" - Christian Pena Velez and Mohamed Jama
  • "Radium Girls: A Turning Point for Workers Rights" - Olive Harris, Stephanie Espinoza, and Jessyca Nacipucha Cumbe
  • "The Eradication of the 18th Century's Deadliest Disease: Smallpox" - Holly Hermal and Jackson McGowan


Columbia Academy also had two students receive Regional Honorable Mentions; “The Shockwave of the October Revolution: A 20th Century Turning Point” by Halen Baptist and “The Eradication of the 18th Century’s Deadliest Disease: Smallpox” by Itzel Vargas Hernandez.

“These students have worked incredibly hard since December on research projects about the Radium Girls, Norman Borlaug, The Fall of Rome, Gandhi’s Salt March, the Annexation of Tibet and the Invention of Vaccines,” said CA History Teacher, Casey Metcalfe. “It has been a pleasure to watch this group delve into the process of balancing historical perspectives, crafting arguments and drawing conclusions about the past using primary source evidence. I have no doubt their passion for history will serve them well, not only at State History Day, but also as lifelong learners and citizens.”

The History Day competition teaches students to conduct in-depth research, use primary and secondary sources, read a variety of tests, analyze and synthesize information, and write and present historical content. Students choose a topic that relates to an annual theme, research that topic and present their research in one of five presentation categories: Research Paper, Exhibit, Documentary, Performance, or Website.