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Locals Donate Over $350,000 in Scholarships to CHHS Seniors at the 2021 Academic Awards

Community members, along with local donors – representing foundations, businesses, memorials, individuals, and others – donated over $350,000 in scholarships to 83 Columbia Heights High School (CHHS) seniors at the school’s virtual Academic Awards Ceremony this week.

A total of 25 students were named to the “A” Honor Roll and 17 were recognized as Honor Ranking Graduates. A total of 71 students received scholarships valued at $1,000 or more with 43 seniors presented with two or more scholarships.

Seniors Doua Chee Lee, Raghad Mohammed, Valerie Barrera Estrada, Peyton Thao, Lamee Ibrahim Waday, Modou Dibba, Samsam Mohamoud and Ahmed Ait Daoud were awarded scholarships from Wallin Education Partners. Wallin Education Partners is more than a scholarship, it is a proven college-completion program for high-potential students with financial needs. The organization has been awarding scholarships for 28 years and have helped more than 4,500 students attend and graduate college. They partner with 65 donors who share a passion to make college graduation a reality. Students awarded a Wallin scholarship receive up to $16,000 over four years.

Seniors Jesus Romero Rivera, Jamyang Dolma, Sol Schindler, Mir Ali, Yasmin Mohamed and Catherine Salto Gonzalez were the recipients of $12,000 scholarships courtesy of the CHHS Alumni Foundation. The Foundation was established in 1998 and, since its inception, has donated over $680,000 in scholarships to 90 CHHS students. These scholarships are given in the names of Earl Bakken, Connie Bakken, Gerard and Marianne Herringer, Vern and Nancy Hoium, and John Dudziak.

“On behalf of the entire CHHS community, congratulations to all of the students who received scholarships at this year’s academic awards,” said Principal Dan Wrobleski. “We share the utmost gratitude and appreciation to all of our donors who continually provide financial support for our students’ next education journey.”

For more information on the Academic Awards, contact the high school at 763-528-4600.