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CHPS Superintendent Stenvik Testifies to MN House of Representatives

On February 1, CHPS Superintendent Zena Stenvik testified in front of the MN House of Representatives Education Finance Committee to speak about English Learner (EL) program funding, EL cross-subsidy aid and the needs of students and families not only at CHPS, but schools across Minnesota.

"The parents of my students are just like any of us, they are hard working and want the very best for their children. And so do I. Pero muchas veces vienen con muy pocos recursos y sin saber cómo navegar el sistema educativo. Todos, toditos de los padres tienen las ganas de hacer lo que puedan por el bienestar de sus hijos." (But they often come with very few resources and no knowledge of how to navigate the educational system. All parents are eager to do what they can for the well-being of their child.) - Stenvik to the committee, relaying the latter half of the message in Spanish, to show members of the committee the struggle that students face when they cannot understand what was said in class, due to lack of EL teachers.

We welcome you all to watch the meeting and listen to Superintendent Stenvik's testimony, which begins at the 11:30 minute mark.