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Columbia Heights Public Schools Teacher Tells Students, “Don’t Stop Believin’”

Valley View Elementary’s Academic Behavior Strategist Beth Larson decided to put her musical and video production skills back into action with a brand new video, “Don’t Stop Believin.’”

“I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback with the first one, I just knew I had to make another one,” Larson said.

Originally made famous by Journey in 1981, Larson chose this tune after a tip from her own dad. 

“I was talking to my dad about ‘Homeschool Road,’ and he said, ‘I mean, it was great, but it would be way better if it was 80s rock.’” “I knew I wanted to do different genres, so my mind went right to [this Journey classic] because of how recognizable it is, and it has a great message!”

Larson said she hopes the video will remind students and families that we are all in this together. “We have to keep pushing forward, and that day will come when we are back, learning in the same space together,” she said. “I cannot wait for that, and until then I can't stop believing!”