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Columbia Heights Public Schools Celebrates Distance Learning Success with Elementary Showcase

Distance learning is now the reality for the remainder of the school year for Columbia Heights Public Schools (CHPS) and all Minnesota school districts.

CHPS is immensely proud of each and every student, teacher, parent and community member who has played a part in ensuring success in distance learning. In celebration of this, Elementary Technology Integration Specialist Jennifer Hauswirth compiled a video showcasing what students and teachers at the elementary level have accomplished.

"Teachers and students have found joy in seeing each other’s faces and hearing each other’s voices to maintain the precious relationships that they developed throughout the school year," said Hauswirth. "Staff have teamed up to ensure that all students and families continue to be supported and cared for during distance learning whatever their needs might be."

“I so appreciate what the Highland teachers are doing to connect with and support all of our students during distance learning,” said Highland Principal Michele DeWitt. “[They] have gone above and beyond to meet the diverse needs of every learner, exemplifying Heights Pride.”

According to Hauswirth, both teachers and students have all demonstrated tremendous flexibility to adapt to this new way of teaching, learning and communicating.

The other two elementary principals also had nothing, but rave reviews for what their teachers are doing.

“As much as distance learning is socially isolating for our students, the same is true for our teachers. The phone calls, texts, emails and video conferencing all serve to uplift and motivate both students and teachers,” said Valley VIew Principal Jason Kuhlman. “These connections serve to connect us as a school community.”

North Park Principal Jeff Cacek shared how teachers have exponentially expanded their tool boxes during distance learning. “Every one of them has reinvented the way they teach to support student learning,” he said.

Hauswirth noted District staff is truly appreciative of the courage and perseverance students and families have shown as they have navigated through the challenges of distance learning. 

“Our educators are working so hard to reach students,” said Director of Teaching & Learning Tara Thukral. “CHPS students are being impacted in so many ways.”