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CHHS Scholarship Night Recipients

CHHS held its annual Scholarship Night for CHHS Seniors on May 10, 2023! Donors gave about $279,000 to graduating students within the 47 scholarships that were given. Congratulations to all of our scholarship-receiving seniors and thank you to the generous donors who continue to support the future education of students at Columbia Heights High School!


Here is the list of the scholarships and the students who received them:

  • Heryla / Rockwell Business Alumni Scholarship - Mark Agudo Medina
  • Mark Reiners Scholarship - Danielle Dickson
  • Reiners Family Scholarship - Lobsang Dolkar
  • Joe Klis Memorial - Lilah Bergan
  • Team PE Physical Education Scholarship - Patrick Pitts
  • Teachers’ Local 710 Scholarship - Sydney Miller, Luz Quizhpi Yupangui and Patrick Pitts
  • Fridley American Legion Auxiliary - Hannah Severson
  • Italian American Club Foundation - Lilah Bergan, Thomas Goodman, Heaven Gg, Bryan Romero Rivera, Anoosha Ali, Tenzin Sonam, Destiny McDowell, Jennifer Pena Huanga, David Mai, Ben Roberts, Lidya Kennedy, Eric Riera Cajas, Reem Mohamoud, Gina Llapa Chunchi, Jacob Korbel, Jennifer Ullaguari Yuquilima, Jennifer Chimborazo Pinguil, Jason Carpio, Kevin Valverde and Shamarr Marin
  • CHHS Retired Staff Scholarship - Damian Pinduisaca, Cristal Menera Romero and Audrey Skokan 
  • Jean Magnuson Memorial Scholarship - Anoosha Ali
  • Mary Lothrop Memorial Scholarship - Sophie Kuether 
  • Mary Ann Strand Memorial Scholarship - Silvia Hernandez Monroy
  • Barb St. Peter Memorial Scholarship - Sydney Miller
  • Charles Ofsthun Memorial Scholarship - Matthew Rockwell
  • Anne E. Farnham Memorial Scholarship - Kennedi Dudley
  • Betty Justin Memorial Scholarship - Ben Roberts
  • CH Lions Club Scholarship - Bruce Thomas and Saniah Howard Reynolds
  • Class of 1976 Scholarship - Raelene Lawrence
  • CH Athletic Boosters Scholarship -  Hannah Severson, CJ Daher, Abigail Schoenbauer, Linus Lee, Kennedi Dudley, Caitlin Kyseth, Patrick Pitts, Bruce Thomas, Saniah Howard Reynolds and Thomas Goodman
  • Timothy A. Larson Memorial - Nekoneskawah Turney and Ali Salat
  • The Halek Family Scholarship - Mariangel Aldana Romero
  • Keith Roberts Memorial Fund - Hannah Severson and Melat Gebre    
  • Athena Award - Lilah Bergan
  • Oscar Eng Award - Mark Agudo Medina
  • CHHS Graduate Scholarship - Solyana Menkir, Falis Muse, Jennifer Robles Lazo, Derek Ruiz Cortazar and Grant Gilderhus 
  • Walter C. Rasmussen: Northeast Bank Foundation - Sara Abdi
  • Larry Pietrzak: Northeast Bank Foundation - Olivia Warbler
  • The Bliss Family Scholarship - Audrey Skokan and Mohammed Khalid 
  • Valley View Elementary Alumni Scholarship - Thomas Goodman and Silvia Hernandez Monroy
  • Highland Alumni Scholarship - Ji Qi Ni
  • The Ramsdell Scholarship - Damian Pinduisaca
  • Fridley Lions Club - Cristal Menera Romero, Fatuma Hirad and Marissa Foy
  • Re/Max Synergy’s Muske Community Support - Ji Qi Ni and Natalie Molina Diaz
  • CHHS Hylander Scholarship - Bruce Arevalo Calle and Sophie Kuether
  • Monarch Bus Scholarship - Greta Wilson and Andrea Sanchez Garcia
  • Kiwanis Club Scholarship - Lola Skokan and Ruth Nayeli Garcia Genis
  • Fridley/Columbia Heights Rotary Club STRIVE Scholarship - Johanna Alvarado Aucapina, Caitlin Kyseth, Anthony Nguyen, Enoch Williams, Chelsie Velasquez Vera, Musab Mohamed, Joselin Cabrera Lopez, Briney Santoyo, Estefany Calderon Lituma and Dalia Hernandez Quintana
  • Kopp Family Foundation - Kasey Korynta and Jayden Kline
  • Tim Bowe Memorial - Matthew Rockwell
  • CHHS Alumni Scholarship Foundation - Baytu Ibrahim Waday, Danquyen Le, Bella Skaja, Jesus Gonzalez, Naciima Mohamed and Damian Pinduisaca
  • Wallin Family Foundation Scholarship* - Baytu Ibrahim Waday, Bryan Romero Rivera, Ji Qi Ni, Jennifer Pena Huanga and Jennifer Ullanguari Yuquilima
  • Dell Scholarship** - Mohammad Khalid
  • The Gates Scholarship*** - Naciima Mohamed

*The Wallin Family Foundation Scholarship provides student recipients with $16,000 each. For 30+ years, Wallen Education Partners have partnered with various high schools, donors, community organizations and civic leaders to support and send more than 6,000 students on their college journeys. They partner with many separate donors, who all share the mission to make college graduation a reality.

**The Dell Scholarship is a scholarship and college completion program that nurtures and empowers students on their path to a college degree. Since starting the program in 2004, the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation has supported 5,000 scholars, including more than 2,000 college graduates. Dell Scholars receive:

  1. A $20,000 Scholarship
  2. Personalized, multifaceted support for the academic, financial, and emotional life challenges that may prevent students from completing college
  3. A laptop
  4. $500 annually for four years to be used for textbooks
  5. A Scholar's Resource Network that connects students and their families with resources to deal with stress, debt, managing child care and life circumstances
  6. A teletherapy service that connects students to professional counseling

***The Gates Foundation Scholarship is a highly selective, last-dollar scholarship for outstanding, minority high school seniors. Each year, the scholarship is awarded to exceptional student leaders, with the intent of helping them realize their maximum potential. This last-dollar scholarship aims to cover all educational and personal expenses that may not otherwise be covered by loans and grants. The Scholars receive full tuition at a college of their choosing, plus $2,000 to purchase a computer and are guaranteed three round-trip tickets per year to enable them to visit their families while in college.