2018 - Strategic Roadmap

  • Strategic Roadmap Community Conversation participants The Columbia Heights Public School District is in the process of revising its Strategic Roadmap. This process is following a timeline that includes community, school, program and employee input, reviewing and refinement of the work accomplished and the development of new Strategic Directions, key measures, metrics and key initiatives. The timeline also call for a review of the District's mission, Core Vales and Vision Statements (current listed below) based on the outcomes of the inputs received from the conversations.

    Notes from Community Conversation Starting in April 2018, the District invited the entire community to two “Community Conversations” (April 11 and 17) to focus on the question: “What do we hope for the daily experiences of students, families and staff in Columbia Heights Public Schools?” Secondly, each school along with the Early Childhood Family Education and American Indian Education programs hosted conversations with their families. Thirdly, all school district employees, through site conversations, had their opportunity to provide input. All together, more than 50 conversations took place with input received from the community, parents and staff to be considered in the revision of the Strategic Roadmap.

    You can read all of the comments from each of the conversations by clicking here.

    Throughout the process this portion of the District website will be updated with new information and documents. For more information, call 763-528-4515 or email news@colheights.k12.mn.us.

    Community Conversation participants with list Mission (Our core purpose)
    Columbia Heights Public Schools create worlds of opportunity for every learner in partnership with supportive small-town communities by challenging all to discover their talents, unleash their potential and develop tools for lifelong success.

    Core Values (What drives our words and actions)

    • Community - It's about all of us all of the time
    • Excellence - To be our best, expect our best
    • Collaboration - Working together for common goals
    • Integrity - Honesty
    • Respect - Honor who we are, accepting of our differences
    • Courage - Facing challenges with hope and persistence
    • Innovation - Finding new ways to excel

    Community Conversation working list Vision (What we intend to create)

    • Academic Excellence...with access to flexible programming and options designed around student needs.
    • An image of Pride...that attracts and retains students and families.
    • All have a voice...and place with differences being our assets.
    • Innovative technology...for engaged learning, effective communication and preparation for success.
    • Community Culture...of collaborative partnerships
    • Best practices...and resource management: "We do school well."
    • Irresistible employment...with creative and collegial staff.