CHPS Strategic Plan

  • chpsIn December, the School Board of Columbia Heights Public Schools approved a contract with CESO Communications to facilitate a comprehensive strategic planning process. The new strategic plan will serve to guide the district for the next five years. 

    The district is committed to ensuring broad engagement of all members of the community, including students, families, staff and residents throughout the process and providing frequent updates to the school board and public to ensure transparency.    

    This webpage will be the home for all strategic planning activities, reports and draft plans. If you have any questions about the process, please contact Superintendent Zena Stenvik.

    Columbia Heights Public Schools has started the process of creating a new strategic plan. In order to include all voices of our diverse school district community in this plan, there will be a range of engagement activities beginning in January including focus groups, surveys, idea boards, and facilitated workshops, taking place in January and February. The numerous focus groups will include students, parents and families, teachers and staff, community partners and district residents. Focus group participants will engage in a facilitated discussion about the current state of our district and what the district should focus on as it plans for the future, so that all of our students are prepared for their next step.

    More details will be provided through the schools and the District with specific dates, times and locations for participating in the strategic plan activities. We look forward to hearing from the many stakeholders in our district through participation with our strategic planning process!

Phase 1 - Stakeholder Engagement (Round 1)

  • January 2024

    • Conduct engagement activities focused on soliciting insight about the future of Columbia Heights from stakeholders, including students, staff, parents/families and community members. The goal of this phase is to provide a wide variety of engagement activities to allow all voices to share their input.
    • Engagements to include focus groups, community consensus workshop, open insight collection and a virtual conversation. 

    February 2024

    • All engagement data will be analyzed and compiled into a report to be shared with the school board.

Phase 2 - Strategic Framework Development

  • February-March 2024

    • A Community Core Planning Team, composed of a diverse representation of district stakeholders, will review the engagement report as well as other district data. They will then participate in a two-day workshop that will result in a set of draft strategic priorities.
    • A District Design Team, composed of district and school leaders, will review the draft priorities and get them ready for public input.

Phase 3 - Stakeholder Engagement (Round 2)

  • March-April 2024

    • Community members will provide comments and feedback on the draft strategic priorities.

Phase 4 - Refine and Finalize Strategic Framework

  • April 2024

    • The Core Planning Team and Design Team will reconvene to review community input and refine strategic priorities as appropriate. 

Phase 5 - Present Strategic Plan

  • May-June 2024

    • Members of the Core Planning Team and district leaders will present the strategic plan to the school board for discussion and make adjustments based on board input.
    • The School Board will then approve the strategic framework and prepare for implementation and roll-out.

Phase 6 - Action/Implementation Planning

  • June-August 2024

    • Once the Board has adopted the framework, district leaders will create annual implementation plans, to include prioritized actions and key performance indicators (metrics).
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    In January, Columbia Heights Public Schools (CHPS) launched a comprehensive strategic planning process. In order to ensure that all voices of our diverse school district community are represented in this plan, we are conducting numerous engagements – including interviews, focus groups, open insights and workshops – with students, parents and families, teachers and staff, community partners and district residents.

    As part of this effort, we are surveying the CHPS community to capture additional insights about the future of our district and efforts to ensure that every student is prepared for their next step.

    This survey is an opportunity for all CHPS students, staff, parents, partners and residents to share their perspectives about your experience in Columbia Heights Public Schools. Your input is very important to us and will inform the development of our next strategic plan. Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey by Friday, Feb. 23, 2024.

    You can scan the QR Code or click the buttons above to take the survey.