• Columbia Heights Public Schools uses a combination of Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Registered Nurses (RN) and Licensed School Nurses (LSN) in our Health Services Departments. RN’s and LPN’s, under the supervision of the District Nurse, are available daily to assist students with health needs, care for ill students, administer medication, and provide daily care to students according to their health plan(s). The District Nurse is available daily to supervise and be a resource for the Health Offices, develop health and emergency plans for students, train staff to assist with various student health needs, and be a liaison and resource for staff, students, and parents. 


    • District Nurse: Keturah Spriggs -  BSN, RN, PHN, LSN (763-528-4580)
    • Columbia Academy: Maria Reyes - RN (763-528-4702)
    • Highland Elementary:  Hannah Lifaka - BSN, RN, PHN, LSN   (763-528-4403)
    • High School: Countney Smith - RN (763-528-4617)
    • North Park School for Innovation: Shar King - LPN (763-528-4303)
    • Valley View Elementary: Kelly Bozovsky-Ruth - LPN (763-528-4203)