What is Heights Online?

  • Heights Online is a new course format that seeks to...

    Deliver a Flexible Learning Approach

    • Hybrid Format: Heights Online courses are built into the student schedule just like a traditional course. However, in a hybrid schedule, students attend in-person "live" class approximately once per week, and the rest of the class periods are "flex.” During flex days, the student will still have coursework, but could be off-site or complete work flexibly and asynchronously. More details about exact scheduling to come.
    • Flexible Schedule: Heights Online delivers a more flexible alternative to the traditional classroom model by scheduling both live, in-person days and flex days.
    • Student Agency: With flexible scheduling and potential for self-pacing, Heights Online students have more opportunities to become actively engaged in the learning process.

    Provide a Unique Learning Experience
    Heights Online courses are different from the Heights from Home option currently available this school year. The hybrid format allows instructors to provide more personalized instruction and better support learners, while still being grounded in the strong local curriculum already in place in CHPS.

    CHPS will offer four (4) courses* for students in grade 11 and 12 in a new "Heights Online" format for the 2021-22 school year:

    • English 11
    • English 12
    • Precalculus
    • Advanced Algebra with Data Exploration.

    In future years, Heights Online will expand to include more courses and more grade levels. At this time, Heights Online course offerings do not include AP courses. To learn more about future expansion plans, refer to the April 13, 2021 School Board Report.

    *Student enrollment numbers may impact course availability.

Is Heights Online Right for My Student?

  • Profile of a Hybrid Learner
    Being in a hybrid course means you have more flexibility. This also requires you to manage your own time and stay on pace with your work. The most successful students in a hybrid course develop a plan for successful time management and task completion. Below are a few questions to ask yourself if choosing to become a Heights Online learner.

    Am I self-motivated?
    You are the primary person responsible for your own success. If you are not motivated to complete work, attend live classes, or reach out for help, you will fall behind in your class. Once you get behind, it can be difficult to catch up! Heights Online students need to be committed to their own academic success!

    Am I willing to ask for help?
    Successful Heights Online learners are not afraid to ask questions or reach out to their teachers when they need support or help.

    Am I an effective communicator?
    Heights Online learners need to be comfortable using email or other forms of written communication to communicate with teachers about where they are stuck or to request a meeting.

    Can I make time for school if I’m not there?
    Some parts of the schedule will be set by your teacher (i.e. live, in-person class sessions, teacher office hours, and due dates) but some of the coursework will be more flexible and up to you to schedule. Coursework for “flex days” is different from homework. Think about “flex coursework” the same way you would think about in-class work during a live class session. It will be required and important to schedule into your plans so that you do not fall behind. Heights Online teachers expect their students to be logging and making progress on their coursework in between live, in-person class sessions so that students can stay on pace.

    Does this describe you?

      • I am a self-motivated and self-disciplined individual. 
      • I am able to work independently.
      • I have good time-management skills that allow me to schedule specific times throughout a week to work on my coursework
      • I can effectively communicate any questions or concerns to my instructor.
      • I am comfortable expressing myself in writing
      • I am not a procrastinator. I like to get things done today and not tomorrow.
      • I will not miss the face-to-face interaction with my instructor and classmates.
      • I do not give up easily, even when confronted with obstacles.
      • I agree that online courses might be more challenging than face-to-face classes.
      • I have basic computer skills and am comfortable in a "virtual environment" - email, sending attachments, threaded discussions, etc.

    Adapted from https://www.fairmontstate.edu/academics/distancelearning/successful-student.