AP Programming

  • Columbia Heights High School provides a number of programs and services that enable school staff to meet the needs of all students. As part of this effort, CHHS provides academically rigorous coursework that offers students the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school.

    CHHS offers many Advanced Placement (AP) courses through which students may earn both high school credit and college credit. College credit may be earned by achieving a qualifying score on an AP exam given in May. Columbia Heights High School requires students to register for AP courses prior to regular registration. This process begins in January for the upcoming school year. Current AP courses include art history, economics, world history, physics, studio art and more!

    Authorization has been received by the College Board to allow Columbia Heights High School to use the AP designation on student transcripts. All AP courses currently being offered at Columbia Heights High School have been authorized by the College Board through the Course Audit process.

    College in the Schools

    College in the Schools delivers regular University of Minnesota credit to high-achieving high school students right in their home schools. Selected high school teachers are appointed as affiliated U of M faculty and teach the U of M courses, supported by ongoing, discipline-specific professional development provided by U of M faculty and their sponsoring academic departments.

    CHHS Honor Ranking System

    In an effort to encourage students at Columbia Heights High School to challenge themselves by taking courses with the greatest rigor, we have a dual ranking system. Students will receive a regular class rank based on the GPA of all students in their respective class. If eligible, some students will also receive an Honors Rank that ranks qualifying honors students against other honors students who have taken a challenging schedule of classes.

    Successfully complete at least 4.5 credits of Honors/AP classes throughout grades 10-12. This must include a minimum of 1 credit in the senior year. Students must earn a grade of "C" or better for an Honors/AP class to count toward the honors rank.
    To qualify for an Honors Rank at Columbia Heights High School, students must meet only students meeting the above qualifications could have an Honors Rank. UMTYMP credits may be applied toward honor ranking. Talk to your counselor to find out more. Fill out an Honor Rank Application.

    AP classes are designed to offer capable students an opportunity to study college level material while in high school. The courses are built to cover the equivalent of a first year college course while building research, analysis, and writing skills. Extensive reading is required in most courses, and students are expected to exercise responsibility in their work habits and class behavior. The benefits of an AP class are many, among which are exposure to college level work (for those who are ready for it) and interaction with teachers/classmates with similar interests. They are introductory courses, but the scope of the curriculum demands that the AP student be capable of a high degree of reading, critical thinking, and recall of information. Starting in May 2008, all students in AP courses are expected to take the AP exam. Students should take three or fewer AP courses at one time unless more are approved by a counselor and an administrator.

    CHHS AP Entrance Procedure

    Required Forms


    • Teacher Recommendation in the subject area

    • Student Application

    • Prerequisite classes - specifically listed with each class description

    General GPA Prerequisites

    1. Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above

    2. Successful participation in matching Pre AP class in middle school and/or successful participation in introductory course(s) in high school indicated by a GPA of 3.0 or above in the subject area.
    • AP Application Form

    • Course Descriptions

    • Recommended Course Sequence

    • AP Emergency Exit Form

    • AP Exam Order Form


    AP Exam Order Form

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