Parent Information

  • Absence Reporting
    The following procedure has been developed to provide parents with the assurance that their child has arrived at school each day. If the student is absent and no message has been recorded, a parent will be contacted at home or work to ensure that the child is safely accounted for. A telephone recorder will be in service 24 hours each day.

    To report an absence: Dial 763-528-4204 and give the following information: student's name, homeroom teacher's name, reason for student's absence. If you wish to talk to the Health Service associate, leave your home or work phone number and she will return your call.

    Parents requesting an early dismissal time, or if a student will be arriving late, must send a note to the classroom teacher indicating the purpose and time.

    Absences from school due to vacations cannot be considered excused absences.

    Other Health Conditions
    If your child shows any symptoms of illness such as nausea, diarrhea, sore throat, rash, etc., please keep him/her at home until you can determine how serious the condition may be. This will help reduce the spread of infection through the school. If you do keep your child home, call the Attendance Recorder. Students should remain at home 24 hours after vomiting or fever ends.

    If your child has a chronic problem, such as a heart condition, diabetes, ADHD, hearing or vision problems, please contact the Health Office or your child's teacher right away in the fall so that information is recorded on your child's health record and procedures for managing this condition are used in working with your child. If any changes in the health status of your child occur during the school year, please notify the Health Office. All communicable diseases, such as strep throat, chicken pox or head lice, should be reported.

    In case of emergency, the school will call your home. If there is no answer, the numbers on the emergency form will be called. It is essential that you complete and return this important form to school early in the fall. If you change your address or phone number during the school year, let the school office know of the change. If you have an unlisted telephone number, indicate this on the form. Unlisted phone numbers will be kept strictly confidential.

    It is also important that parents establish an Emergency Plan for the child in case school is released because of severe weather or other emergencies. The child should have a person in the neighborhood designated to supervise him/her if they can't get in the house.

    Emergency Weather Closings

    Hearing, vision and growth screening is a regular part of the overall school health program. The purpose is to identify students with abnormalities or with problems needing further evaluation; it is not meant to replace regular examinations or diagnoses. It is also intended to be educational and can be coordinated with classroom units on health. Abnormal results on any of the screening procedures will be called to the attention of the parents/guardians and further evaluation recommended. If you do not hear from our health office, you can assume the test results were normal.

    No drugs (including aspirin or Tylenol) may be administered without a physician's order, which must include the doctor's signature and be accompanied by a written request from the parent.

    Medications are to be sent to the school in the prescription container received from the pharmacy, labeled with the student's name, prescription number, directions for administering and the doctor's name.

    Students are not to bring aspirin or any other kind of pills to administer to themselves at school. This practice is designed to protect children. Youngsters sometimes experience allergic reactions to medications.

    Minnesota state law requires full immunizations for all school children. Please keep a permanent record of your child's immunizations and send updated information to school.

    Healthy kids are better learners!

    Bullying Prevention
    If students feels they are a victim of bullying, they should tell their teacher or an adult immediately. All reports will be investigated and consequences will be given for each infraction. 

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