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    What Makes North Park School for Innovation Unique?

    North Park School for Innovation (NPSfI) is focused on providing high quality STEM (Science, Technology, Enginnering and Math) education that inspires creativity grounded in a commitment to sustainability. The educational experience of the students is supported by a newly renovated building with outside learning and play spaces that include edible landscaping and rain gardens. A unique feature of NPSfI is the Bio-Digester that takes all the food waste and much of the paper waste from the school and turns it into soil that can be used in the gardens and into fuel to heat the building. Innovation is woven throughout the student and staff experience at NPSfI- we welcome you to come be a part of this exciting place of learning!

    We would love to share more about our school with you and invite you to enroll your child in our school.

    We are proud to be Hylanders and know your students will be too!

    Our Philosophy

    Engagement. Flexibility. Collaboration. These are the cornerstones of the learning experience at North Park Elementary. We are committed to a community that honors every member's abilities, skills and passion. Our learners are encouraged recognize opportunities, take risks and develop creative solutions to problems. With engagement, learning cannot be stifled. With flexibility, learners will be able to maximize their knowledge and skills. With collaboration, these skills and knowledge grow exponentially.

    Our Core Values

    We live in a world where change is constant and learning must never stop. While mastery in the core subjects of reading, math and science is essential, the additional skills needed to be successful in the 21st Century economy are far more diverse than passing a reading test and a math test. Therefore, we prepare learners who are able to recognize problems as opportunities and understand how a good question is more valuable than the correct answer. The framework we follow includes communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking – the 4 C’s.

    We believe our learners must be able to actively listen and effectively articulate thoughts and ideas in diverse situations orally and through the use of multiple media.

    We believe our learners must be able to demonstrate the ability to work effectively with diverse teams by exercising flexibility and willingness to compromise in order to accomplish a common goal.

    We believe our learners must be able to create new, worthwhile ideas using a wide range of creation techniques. They must be able to analyze, evaluate and refine ideas in order maximize their creative potential. An essential skill is being able to clearly and effectively present ideas to diverse groups.

    Critical Thinking
    We believe our learners must be able to reason effectively and think systematically in order to make judgments and decisions that effectively solve problems.

    At North Park School for Innovation, Your Student Will...

    • Learn in 21st-century Learning Studios – creative and flexible spaces designed to enhance learning

    • Create and maintain a web page as an electronic portfolio

    • Employ the engineering design process to solve problems

    • Create and manage a blog

    • Create and edit video content

    • Play an instrument in the band

    • Compose music

    • Engage in relevant work through project-based learning

    • Understand the importance of being a good digital citizen, consumer and creator of content

    • Use the scientific method to understand the world around her

    • Experience Earth and planetary sciences in StarLab – our portable planetarium

    • Master Google Application

    • and MORE!
  • What We Offer

    Science | Young scientists will learn about the natural world around them in our lab.

    Engineering | Our students apply science knowledge and practice 21st-century skills as they work through the design process.

    Project-Based Learning | Your child will engage in relevant, real-world problem solving.

    Communication | Your student will maintain a blog, create web pages and design an electronic portfolio.

    Flipped Math | Your child will experience an exciting new way of learning an essential life skill. Students learn independently at their own pace with the expert guidance of their teachers.

    Multimedia | We help creative minds produce videos, engage with photography and publish podcasts.

    Music | In our general music class, students learn to compose. In our band, they learn to play instruments.

    Gifted and Talented | Qualified students are guided by trained teachers at each grade level.


  • Our Accomplishments

    • 550+ students in Pre-K through grade 5

    • Average class size of 24 students

    • 49 percent of teachers have advanced degrees

    • All students have digital portfolios

    • Free, all-day, everyday kindergarten

    • Science specialist engaging students in grades 3-5 in lab science

    • Award-winning recycling and composting program

    • State Teacher of the Year semi-finalist: Stan Mraz

    • Academic Performance


  • Get Involved

    We believe the best way to educate our students is to have families, the community and staff collaborating together. As parents, you can help not only your students, but our entire school by getting involved in our PTO. Take advantage of REACH, free evening classes providing tips for parents to help their students prepare early for college and careers. Call today and ask how you can help North Park Elementary create college and career ready graduates.