Application for Personal Leave - Teachers (Pre-Approval)

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  You should always receive an approval or denial email from HR when you request a personal day.
If you don’t receive a response from HR within 10 days of your request please contact Elizabeth Bruchu, HR Manager at x4418 or

Personal days are contingent upon you having the available balance of sick and personal time to use.
While your personal leave request may be pre-approved, if the requested day comes and you do not have the sick and personal time available to use for the personal day then the approval becomes null/void. In addition, the district does not grant unpaid days for the purpose of personal leave.

Per the Teacher Master Agreement:
All personal leave days must be submitted in advance on the online form to Human Resources for approval. The administration shall not be required to grant such leave on in-service days, or to more than five percent or two people in any school building, whichever is greater on any one day. Nor shall the Board be required to grant such leave between May 15 and the last day of the school year and during the first week of school in the fall; however, the Human Resources Director may authorize exceptions and shall make a decision within ten (10) working days of receipt of a leave request, when possible.

If your request is approved, it is the teacher’s responsibility to request a substitute via Teachers on Call.



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