School Supplies

  • See what your student(s) will need for school this year.

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    This year, all three elementary schools ask that each family make a contribution of $20 per student to cover the cost of supplies. Instead of spending time going to multiple stores in search of the items on the list, we will do the work for you! Since we will be able to purchase supplies in large quantities, the final cost to you will also be lower than if you were purchasing the items yourself. As you know, the costs can really add up! By ordering supplies, teachers will also be able to ensure that all students have the correct materials they will need to be successful in the fall. Students will need a backpack, headphones and tennis shoes for PE. Click your school's link below to get your supplies!

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    Columbia Academy
    Uniform Requirements: All CA students are required to come to school in their CA uniform. The standard CA uniform is our polo shirt with the CA Logo and khaki brown or navy pants. As part of the uniform, students are also required to carry the standard CA Case-It which includes a protected pocket for various school supplies. Other supplies students must bring are one box of pencils, one box of Kleenex and one pack of loose leaf 8.5 x 11 inch paper. 

    General supplies students will need at CHHS are pens, pencils, folders, notebooks and book covers. All students taking math will need to have a TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus graphing calculator. If your student has a comparable calculator, that they know how to operate, this can also be used. Some classes may have other unique supplies. Students will get this information from the teacher on the first day of class.

    Save Your Receipts!
    The Minnesota Department of Revenue reminds parents that most school supplies could qualify for valuable K-12 tax benefits on their Minnesota income tax return. Parents should remember to save receipts for school supply purchases to claim the tax credit or subtraction.

    For more information, visit the Minnesota Department of Revenue website.