Transportation Services

  • ATTENTION! For your child's safety, ALL ADULTS allowed on buses MUST go through a background check.Transportation Services is staffed by professionals serving and supporting you and your children. Drivers and office staff are dedicated to providing safe, secure and reliable transportation to qualified students (more than 1.25 miles for secondary students and more than .75 miles for elementary students). We serve more than 800 bus stop locations within our 6.5 square mile community each day. Bus stops and routes are designed with consideration of safety, efficiency, least cost and shortest over-all ride times. Our goal is the safe daily journey of your child, to and from school.

    To register for transportation, fill out this form and drop it off with at your child's school's main office.

    Who to Call and When

    When your child will not be riding the bus, if the bus is more than five minutes late or for lost and found information, contact Monarch Bus Service at 612-843-0118. To request a bus stop change or to address concerns about bus safety, contact Columbia Heights Transportation at 763-528-4424.

    The Columbia Heights Public Schools (CHPS) School Board approved free school bus service for all CHPS enrolled kindergarten students living within their elementary school boundary area beginning with the 2016-2017 school year. Neighborhood bus pick-up and drop-off points are being developed.

    Learn more about late activity buses.
    Guidelines for Non-Public Transportation Reimbursements

    Winter Busing ANNOUNCEMENT: Busing During Winter Months
    Please be aware that buses may be delayed in picking up or dropping off students due to winter weather and road conditions. If you have concerns about your child’s busing please contact Columbia Heights Transportation at 763-528-4424.

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