World's Best Workforce

  • Minnesota Statutes 2013 120B.11 charges school districts to create “the World’s Best Workforce” through a long-term strategic plan that promotes excellence in teaching and learning. This strategic plan must have as its goal high quality preparation for college and career readiness for all students.

    Predictions are more than 70 percent of jobs in Minnesota will require a degree beyond a high school diploma. Moreover, in order to remain competitive in a jobs’ market that is increasingly international, Minnesota students will need to achieve at higher and higher levels of rigor. “Creating the world’s best workforce” is in response to these significant challenges that will exist for Columbia Heights Public Schools' students as they compete for decent-paying jobs in the future.

    In addition to planning strategically, our school district is required to measure performance beginning with young learners through graduation. This includes assessing how well our district is achieving the following:

    • closing the identified achievement gap(s).
    • all students are ready for kindergarten.
    • all students in third grade are achieving grade level literacy.
    • all students are attaining career and college readiness before graduating from high school.
    • all students are graduating from high school.

    Our school district reports on the results of these measures and the impact of our strategic plan on creating the World’s Best Workforce on an annual basis (each fall). This annual report is followed by an annual Public Forum where stakeholders can address the Columbia Heights Public Schools' School Board and Administration with concerns or ask questions regarding academic performance. In addition, our district periodically conducts community surveys that help inform decision-making regarding work in the district that promotes college and career readiness. A report on the district’s work in creating the World’s Best Workforce is provided to the Minnesota Department of Education on an annual basis.

    Finally, Columbia Heights Public Schools has a District Leadership Team charged with providing recommendations to the Superintendent and School Board regarding the following:

    • Rigorous academic standards.
    • Student achievement goals and measures including district assessments.
    • Program evaluations.

    View the 2023 World’s Best Workforce/Achievement and Integration Report

    View the CHPS 2020-2023 Achievement and Integration Plan

    The District Leadership team includes staff members, parents, and community members and meets on a quarterly basis. This portion of the website will continuously be updated as we progress in creating college and career-ready graduates.

    For more information on World's Best Workforce, contact the Director of Teaching & Learning Tara Thukral at 763-528-4533

    For more information on Achievement Integration, contact the Executive Director of Educational Services, Bondo Nyembwe at 763-528-4519