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    The English Learner (EL) Program is vital for ensuring that students with diverse linguistic backgrounds have equitable access to educational opportunities. These services are designed to support multilingual students as they navigate developing their social and/or academic language while simultaneously engaging with academic content. 

    Our goal at Columbia Heights Public Schools is to provide high-quality English Learner (EL) instruction and access to grade-level content while developing students’ English language proficiency. We strive for all teachers to provide responsive instruction that meets the linguistic, cultural, and academic needs of each and every student. Our EL teachers use their expertise to scaffold core content and to meet the language needs of each student and work closely with classroom teachers to provide resources on best practices for multilingual learners receiving EL services.

    We also encourage and celebrate the use and retention of home languages among our multilingual learners and their families. We recognize that language is a fundamental aspect of cultural identity, and maintaining proficiency in the home language is a powerful asset by enhancing the overall learning experience, fostering a deeper connection to academic content, and promoting cognitive flexibility. We strive to create a truly inclusive and empowering educational community that recognizes and honors the linguistic diversity of our multilingual learners and their families.

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