• The Columbia Heights Public Schools Board is committed to equitable school governance. At the 2/22/22 Board meeting, they adopted the following equity statement:

    Columbia Heights Public Schools Board of Education Equity Statement

    We, the Columbia Heights Public Schools Board of Education ISD #13, are accountable for each learner belonging and succeeding. We acknowledge that we have a beautiful and diverse student population. The District’s Mission Statement is Creating Worlds of Opportunity for Each and Every Learner: All Belong, All Succeed. We are committed to providing a school culture that is free of obstacles that impede our mission and providing the resources necessary to accomplish this.

    Therefore, we seek to have policies and practices in our schools that respect, honor and learn from all cultures represented in our school community. To that effect, we commit to identifying and removing barriers in CHPS policies, procedures, systems and practices that limit opportunities for our students and result in predictably lower academic achievement for any student group compared to their peers. 

     In order to achieve our Mission, Columbia Heights Public Schools Board of Education ISD #13 commits:

    To seek two-way communication with all stakeholders, and have positive, purposeful relationships with all students and all families so that barriers to learning at high levels are removed. We welcome our COMMUNITY to speak up and ask questions, as we learn more and build bridges. 

    To strive for EXCELLENCE and establish high expectations for all learners, integrating high quality, rigorous and relevant study, that reflects the diversity of our students. Students will leave CHPS feeling confident for their future and feel valued for exactly who they are. 

    To engage in COLLABORATION with all stakeholders, including staff and students. Students will see themselves and their culture represented in curriculum, discussion and visuals, providing opportunities for students to see all cultures valued, integrated and represented. In COLLABORATION with the Administration, we commit to being intentionally representative of the diversity in our community in recruiting, hiring, retaining and advancement of staff that more closely reflects our student population.

    To demonstrate INTEGRITY by being equitable in our policy, programming, practice, curriculum and treatment of students.  We will have brave conversations and challenge ourselves to be reflective on our own assumptions and biases. We commit to participating in District equity work each year.

    To RESPECT our students and to acknowledge their experiences. We will seek out, amplify, and include those who have been unheard or ignored and will work to mitigate the effects of trauma on the educational outcomes of our students. We will seek to understand our community, listen to their stories, and RESPECT how they identify in regards to race, religion, culture, gender and ethnicity.

    To show COURAGE by working toward building an anti-biased, anti-racist system that promotes academic and civil excellence.  To provide specific anti-biased, anti-racist learning opportunities for board members, staff, students, families, and our community.

    To demonstrate INNOVATION by creating a strategic plan that addresses equity.  We will provide the superintendent the support and resources needed to address systemic disparities.  We will show INNOVATION and advocate for policy changes at the local, state, and federal levels working towards an educational system that truly benefits each and every learner.

    This Equity Statement is our commitment to all stakeholders and we expect to be held accountable.

    Columbia Heights Public Schools Board of Education