Answers to Common Questions about Enrollment

  • Enrolling your child in kindergarten is an exciting and important decision. This resource, from the Minnesota Department of Education, provides answers to common questions about enrolling in public kindergarten. 

    1. Why should my child go to kindergarten?
    2. When can I enroll my child in kindergarten in Minnesota?
    3. Where can I send my child to public school?
    4. What papers or forms do I need to submit to enroll?
    5. What is early childhood screening?
    6. Does my child have to go to kindergarten?
    7. How do I know if my child is "ready" for kindergarten?
    8. Does my child have to be tested before starting kindergarten?
    9. My child has a delay or disability. Should I wait a year?
    10. Is my child required to speak and/or understand English?
    11. My child has a summer birthday. Should I wait a year?
    12. My child didn't attend preschool or child care. Should I wait a year?
    13. Should my child's caregiver, preschool teacher, or healthcare provider tell me when my child should start kindergarten?
    14. Can my child start kindergarten if they are 4 years old by September 1?
    15. Is public school kindergarten free?

    Forms containing this information are listed below.