Safety Committee

  • The District has chosen to develop a joint management-labor Safety Committee. The Manager of Buildings and Grounds maintains records of committee activities, including meeting minutes and documentation of follow-up activities. The District Safety Committee is scheduled to meet four times during the school year to address health and safety issues.

    The goals of the committee and corresponding activities include the following.

    Goal 1
    To represent District employees on safety matters. To help communicate program details and encourage employee involvement in the District safety programs.


    • Communicate committee activities to District employees
    • Bring questions and concerns from co-workers to committee
    • Encourage District employees to report safety problems and complaints

    Goal 2
    To reduce work-related accidents and illnesses among District employees, by identifying and analyzing hazards, and recommending control strategies.


    • Discuss strategies for maintaining required records, such as SDS sheets and inventories.
    • Discuss trends in accidents/illnesses and analyze OSHA Log Summary information
    • Identify district-wide strategies for prevention and control
    • Evaluate successes of prevention and control strategies

    Goal 3
    To monitor District compliance with applicable safety regulations, and encourage enforcement of safe work practices and rules.


    • Discuss results of mock OSHA audits, MN OSHA inspections and compliance activities
    • Recommend District-wide activities to achieve or maintain compliance

    Approved for 2019-2020.