Hazards Information

  • Identifying, Analyzing and Controlling Hazards
    The Operations Manager is to oversee implementation of health and safety management programs and MNOSHA compliance activities. Routine site visits and program reviews are conducted at each District building to verify compliance or identify hazardous conditions and work practices.

    Hazardous Incident/Accident Investigations
    All hazardous incidents ("near misses") and accidents are to be investigated and corrective actions taken. The Manager of Buildings and Grounds is to oversee health and safety investigations, including:

    • Maintaining form(s) to report, document and analyze all incidents
    • Promptly performing hazardous incident ("near miss") and accident investigations
    • Implementing corrective actions to prevent repeat incidents

    Hazard Controls
    Steps taken by the Manager of Buildings and Grounds to implement and maintain required safety controls include:

    • Assign highest priority to safety-related maintenance work orders
    • Oversee purchase of needed controls such as equipment/product replacement
    • Oversee purchase of appropriate personal protective equipment
    • Provide additional employee training as needed