AWAIR Program

  • Goals

    • Continuously strive to reduce the annual lost workday incident rate for each District location below the level for the previous year.
    • Commit the resources to bring each District building into compliance with applicable occupational safety and health (MNOSHA) regulations.
    • Implement continuing and effective health and safety programs to provide District employees with a safe and healthful workplace.
    • Encourage communication between District employees and members of the Health and Safety Committee.

    Program Objectives

    • Assign responsibilities.
    • Establish systems for identifying, analyzing, and controlling hazards.
    • Communicate program effectively and encourage employee participation.
    • Investigate all incidents.
    • Enforce safe work practices and rules.

    Manager of Buildings and Grounds

    • Requests funding to maintain effective health and safety programs
    • Oversees and coordinates implementation of AWAIR program
    • Provides new employee orientation
    • Monitors program effectiveness
    • Evaluates and updates AWAIR program annually
    • Conducts routine inspections
    • Performs follow-up to verify problems are corrected promptly
    • Oversees accident and incident investigations
    • Oversees scheduling of health and safety meetings/training sessions
    • Oversees distribution of Health and Safety Committee agendas and minutes
    • Encourages and reinforces employee participation in health and safety matters

    Safety Committee Members

    • Attend committee meetings
    • Complete assigned tasks determined by committee (inspections, job hazard assessments, accident investigations, etc.)
    • Ask co-workers for suggestions and input
    • Communicate with co-workers about safety issues and encourage safe behavior
    • Recommend corrections and follow-up to be sure actions are taken

    District Employees

    • Provide comments, ideas, and suggestions about safety
    • Report all accidents and incidents
    • Attend required safety training and meetings