Financial Reports

  • Columbia Heights Public Schools financial document are available below.

    Budget Reports  
    Our annual budget is a record of a our past decisions and our spending plan for the future. Our budget shows our priorities and is a communications document to tell our constituents, the taxpayers, about our priorities and goals.

    Levy Documents
    School district property tax levies are limited by state law. The Minnesota Department of Education computes the levy limitation for each school district. After hosting a budget hearing, the school district then certifies the levy to the county auditor. The county then sends out the tax statements, collects the tax and makes the payments to the school districts.

    Consolidated Annual Financial Reports.

    Other Reports
    Other interesting reports, fact sheets, etc. developed by the Minnesota Department of Education, offer an overview of each school district's financial picture in an easy to read and understandable format for parents and taxpayers.

Key Dates

  • June 30
    School Board must approve the annual budget for the next school year.

    Nov. 30
    Audit reports must be completed.

    Dec. 31
    Audit reports must be submitted to the Minnesota Department of Education.


  • Spring
    The county determines market values.

    The state determines what can be levied.

    The School Board sets a preliminary levy.

    The County sends property tax statements.

    The School Board holds a budget hearing (formerly Truth in Taxation), an open forum to educate taxpayers on the budget, explain upcoming spending priorities and how the school district tax process works.

    The School Board sets the School Levy. The levy must be submitted to the Minnesota Department of Education by Dec. 31