School Board Report

Jan. 22, 2019 Regular School Board Meeting

  • Acknowledgement of Contributions

    Vice Chair Naty Severson announced a resolution to accept current contributions in the amount of $8,089.42. The School Board accepts with appreciation the contributions of these gifts and donations.

    CA Musical 2019 Reports from Members of the Board

    Chair John Larkin was absent.

    Vice Chair Naty Severson attended a varsity basketball game, "The Little Mermaid, Jr." presented by Columbia Academy (CA), the Advanced Placement (AP) Parent Information Night, swim meets and the School Board Listening Session. She also had a conversation with Member Mueller and Superintendent Kelly, and conversations with members of the community.

    Treasurer Lorien Mueller attended "The Little Mermaid, Jr." presented by CA, high school conferences, and a dance team competition and invitational. She also attended a City of Columbia Heights City Council meeting, a varsity basketball game, Youth Appreciation Night (sponsored by the CH Athletic Boosters), a middle school basketball game, the CA "RISE UP" breakfast and the Tri-Metro Fine Arts Festival. Mueller also had conversations with Member Palmer and Vice Chair Severson and community members.

    Tri Meto Clerk Laura Palmer attended "The Little Mermaid, Jr." presented by CA, the Tri-Metro Fine Arts Festival and the MSBA Leadership Conference.

    Director Hala Asamarai attended the School Board Listening Session and had many conversations with community members.

    Director Molly Lewis attended "The Little Mermaid, Jr." presented by CA, high school conferences, AP Parent Information Night, Youth Appreciation Night (sponsored by the CH Athletic Boosters) and a basketball game. She also and had conversations with community members.

    Superintendent's Report

    Superintendent Kathy Kelly attended Valley View's Winter Sing concert, "The Little Mermaid, Jr." presented by CA and the CA choir concert. The Superintendent attended Youth Appreciation Night and thanked the CH Athletic boosters for their sponsoring the event. She also attended construction meetings for work expected at North Park Elementary and the high school, and the NE Metro 916 Superintendent's Advisory meeting. Superintendent Kelly also announced a NY Study Seminar Trip meeting for parents, attended a School Board Chair meeting and had conversations with community members.

    Reports and Information Items

    Department Update - Human Resources
    Director of Human Resources Lindsey Bennett, along with Human Resource Manager Elizabeth Bruchu, Human Resource Generalist Sarah Bruce and Benefits Specialist Heather Lynch, presented an update on the Human Resources Department. View the presentation.

    Department Update - Community Education
    Director of Community Education & Communications Kristen Stuenkel, along with Community Ed Coordinator Jodi Gadient, Early Childhood Manager Tiffany Grams Farkas and Adult Enrichment/Senior Program Manager Amada Márquez Simula presented an update on the Community Education Department. View the presentation.

    Mid-Year Report on Diversion Committee
    Executive Director of Educational Services Zena Stenvik and Discipline Supervisor Leslee Sherk presented a mid-year report on the Diversion Committee activities. View the presentation.

    Financial Forecast
    Superintendent Kathy Kelly and Director of Finance & Operations Bernice Humnick presented a financial forecast. 

    Discontinuance of Programs and Positions Resolutions
    Superintendent Kathy Kelly, Director of Human Resources Lindsey Bennett and Director of Finance & Operations Bernice Humnick presented information on a resolution directing the Superintendent and Administration to consider the discontinuance of programs and positions to effectuate economies in the School District and reduce expenditures. 

    Construction Oversight Update
    Director of Technology, Security Services & Operations Bryan Hennekens and Director of Finance & Operations Bernice Humnick presented an update on the Construction Oversight.

    Action Items 

    Sale and Consideration of Award of the 2019A Bond
    The School Board approved the sale and consideration of award of the 2019A Bond.

    Sale and Consideration of Award of the 2019B Bond
    The School Board approved the sale and consideration of award of the 2019B Bond.

    Pay Equity Report
    The School Board approved the Pay Equity Report.

    Overnight Field Trip
    The School Board approved an overnight field trip.

    Board Policies -- Second Reading
    The School Board approved the following policies: 104 - School District Mission Statement; 532 - Use of Peace Officers and Crisis Teams to Remove Students with IEP's from School Grounds; 602 - Organization of School Calendar and School Day; 604 - Instruction Curriculum; 611 - Home Schooling; 613 - Graduation Requirement; 615 - Basic Standards Testing, Accommodations, Modifications and Exemptions for IEP, Section 504 Accommodation and LEP Students; 618 - Assessment of Student Achievement; 619 - Staff Development for Standards; 707 - Transportation of Public School Students; 709 - Student Transportation Safety Policy; 722 - Public Data Request. 

    Upcoming School Board Key Dates

    Friday, Jan. 25, No School, Grading Day
    Friday, Feb. 8, Fri. No School, District In-Service
    7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 12, Regular School Board Meeting, Community Room
    Monday, Feb. 18, No School, President's Day
    5 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 19, School Board Listening Session, Family Center
    5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 19, School Board Work Session, Community Room
    7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 26, Regular School Board Meeting, Community Room

  • Chair John Larkin: Columbia Heights Business Council, School Board Policy SubCommittee and Liaison to Highland Elementary. 

    Vice Chair Naty Severson: Association of Metropolitan School Districts and Liaison to and North Park Elementary.

    Treasurer Lorien Mueller: Educational Cooperative Service Unit, Liaison to the City of Columbia Heights and to Columbia Academy.

    Clerk Laura Palmer: NE Metro Intermediate District 916 Board, School Board Policy SubCommittee and Liaison to Valley View Elementary.

    Director Hala Asamarai: Minnesota School Board Association Legislative Liaison, Liaison to the City of Hilltop and Columbia Heights High School.

    Director Molly Lewis: Minnesota State High School League, School Board Policy SubCommittee, Liaison to the City of Fridley and to the Family Center.

  • For more information on the School Board Report, contact Kristen Stuenkel at 763-528-4515.

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