School Board Report

Nov. 27, 2018 School Board Meeting

  • Acknowledgement of Contributions

    Chair John Larkin announced a resolution to accept current contributions in the amount of $36,220.46. The School Board accepts with appreciation the contributions of these gifts and donations.

    Reports from Members of the Board

    Chair John Larkin attended the School Board Work Session, School Board Chair meeting and the High School band concert.

    Vice Chair Naty Severson attended the School Board Work Session, Chamber of Commerce meeting, and had conversations with Superintendent Kelly and members of the community.

    Treasurer Lorien Mueller attended the School Board Listening Session, School Board Work Session, the High School band and choir concerts, meetings with Director Bennett and Executive Director Stenvik and attended a CA meeting.

    Clerk Hala Asamarai had no report.

    Director Molly Lewis attended the School Board Work Session and the Strikers banquet, and had conversations with members of the community.

    Director Laura Palmer attended School Board Work Session, and choir and band concerts.

    Superintendent's Report

    Superintendent Kathy Kelly deferred her report.

    Reports and Information Items


    U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Award Recognition
    Director of Community Education & Communications Kristen Stuenkel, North Park Elementary Principal Jeff Cacek, Anoka County Commissioner Jim Kordiak, MDE Science Specialist John Olson, North Park Science Teacher Stan Mraz, North Park Custodian Chris Nelson and three North Park students presented the North Park Elementary U.S. Department of Ed 2018 Green Ribbon Award. The School Board honored and congratulated all individuals involved in North Park Elementary receiving the award. The North Park Green Ribbon Award video premiered at the presentation.

    Building Vision Card -- Valley View Elementary
    Executive Director of Educational Services Zena Stenvik, Valley View Principal Ed Fellows, Assistant Principal Leslee Sherk, and Dean Mary Beth Higgins presented information on the Vision Cards for Valley View that tie to the District Strategic Plan. There were no governance questions with this presentation. View the presentation.

    Strategic Direction A and B
    Executive Director of Educational Services Zena Stenvik and Director of Technology, Security & Building Operations Bryan Hennekens presented information on the vision card A: Expand access and opportunities by turbo charging what works and redesigning what needs to be better; and B: Innovate to close the achievement gap with accountability and efficiency. View the presentation.

    112718 SB Mtg Process for Sale of 2019A Bonds
    Director of Finance & Operations Bernice Humnick presented information on the process for sale of 2019A Bonds. View the presentation.

    Program and Grade Level Closings
    Superintendent Kathy Kelly presented information on closing to open enrollment of the LEAP program and Grade 5 at Highland and Valley View Elementary. This will be brought forward at a future meeting for approval.

    Police Liaison Contract
    Director of Finance & Operations Bernice Humnick presented information on the Police Liaison contract. This will be brought forward at a future meeting for approval. 

    Policy First Reading
    School Board Sub-Committee on Policy Chair Naty Severson did a first-reading of School Board Policies 506 (student discipline), 509(enrollment of non-resident students), 525 (violence prevention - applicable to students and staff), 530 (immunization requirements) and 802 (disposition of Obsolete Equipment and Materials). These policies will appear on a future agenda for approval.

    Action Items 

    2017 Audit
    Director of Finance and Operations Bernice Humnick and Matt Meyer with BerganKDV presented the 2017 Audit. The Board approved the 2017 Audit.

    OPEB Trust Incumbency Approval
    Director of Finance and Operations Bernice Humnick presented the request to approve the OPEB Trust Incumbency as presented.  The Board approved the OPEB Trust Incumbency as presented.

    New/Suspended/Deleted Courses
    Executive Director of Educational Service Zena Stenvik requested approval of the new/suspended/deleted courses. The Board approved new/suspended/deleted courses for the 2019-2020 school year.

    BoardBook Renewal
    Director of Technology, Security Services & Building Operations Bryan Hennekens requested approval of the renewal of BoardBook. The Board approved the renewal.

    Approval of School Board Organizational Meeting Procedures
    The Board approved the "process for electing a school board chairperson based upon Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised 10th Edition," as prepared by Karen Kepple, Nov. 9, 2011 and First Monday in January as rules for the Organizational Meeting.

    Establishment of a School Board Ad Hoc Sub-Committee Resolution
    The Board approved the establishment of a School Board Ad Hoc Sub-Committee on Community Engagement and appointed Lorien Mueller, Hala Asamarai and Naty Severson to the Ad Hoc Sub-Committee.

    Upcoming School Board Key Dates

    5 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 11, Sub-committee on Policy Meeting
    7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 18, Regular School Board Meeting, Community Room
    Dec. 24-25, District Offices Closed
    Dec. 24-Jan. 1, No School, Winter Break
    Dec. 31-Jan. 1, District Offices Closed
    5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 8, School Board Organizational Meeting, Community Room
    7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 8, School Board Meeting, Community
    5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 15, School Board Listening Session, Family Center
    5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 15, School Board Work Session, Community Room
    Monday, Jan 21, No School
    7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 22, School Board Meeting, Community Room
    Friday, Jan. 25, No School, Grading Day

2018 School Board Committee Assignments

  • Chair John Larkin: Columbia Heights Business Council, School Board Policy Sub- Committee, Liaison to the City of Hilltop and Columbia Academy.

    Vice Chair Naty Severson: Association of Metropolitan School Districts, School Board Policy Sub-Committee and Liaison to the City of Fridley and Valley View Elementary School.

    Treasurer Lorien Mueller: Educational Cooperative Service Unit and Liaison to North Park Elementary School.

    Clerk Hala Asamarai: TIES, School Board Policy Sub-Committee, Liaison to City of Columbia Heights and the Family Center.

    Director Laura Palmer: NE Metro Intermediate District 916 Board, School Board Policy Sub-Committee and Liaison to Columbia Heights High School.

    Director Molly Lewis: Minnesota School Board Association Legislative Liaison, Minnesota State High School League and Liaison to Highland Elementary School.

  • For more information on the School Board Report, contact Kristen Stuenkel at 763-528-4515.

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