• School Board Report
    Dec. 12, 2017 Regular Meeting

    Communication to the School Board 

    A community member and a parent expressed concerns and had questions about alleged bullying in the schools. Their comments were taken and will be assigned to staff for follow-up with the individuals.

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    Acknowledgment of Contributions 

    Chair John Larkin announced, and the School Board approved, a resolution for accepting current contributions in the amount of $2,793.88. The total fiscal contributions to date is $9,110.42.

    Reports from Members of the Board

    Chair John Larkin participated in the Nov. 28 Business Meeting and the Dec. 12 Board Chair meeting. He also attended a Northwest Suburban Chamber of Commerce meeting.

    Vice Chair Laura Palmer participated in the Nov. 28 Business Meeting and the Dec. 12 Board Chair meeting. She attended a NE Metro Intermediate District 916 Board Meeting and an American Indian Education Meeting.
    Columbia Academy robotics student Columbia Academy robotics students
    Clerk Naty Severson participated in the Nov. 28 Business Meeting. She also attended the first home swim meet and the Columbia Academy Robotics Tournament (photos). Ms. Severson had a meeting with Chair Larkin and Superintendent Kelly and had conversations with constituents.

    Treasurer Hala Asamarai participated in the Nov. 28 Business Meeting and met with constituents.

    Director Molly Lewis participated in the Nov. 28 Business Meeting and had discussions with Director Lorien Mueller and constituents.

    Director Lorien Mueller participated in the Nov. 28 Business Meeting and Phase 1 Minnesota Association of School Board training. She attended wrestling meets in Osseo and Columbia Heights High School, a girls' basketball game and the high school Parent Night. Director Mueller also met with Director of Finance and Operations Kristine Carr.   

    Reports and Information Items

    North Park Elementary Vision Card

    North Park Kindergarten student Teacher reading  Principal Jeff Cacek gave the annual Strategic Roadmap Vision Card update. Included in his presentation were the following:

    • Enrollment Data
    • Demographic Data
    • Achievement Data
    • Implementation Data
    • Focus area updates: Programs and Strategies
    • Outreach: Parents and Community
    • Looking ahead: Goals and Planning

    View the PowerPoint presentation.

    Strategic Directions A and B

    Staff Development Students learning about robotics Director of Teaching and Learning Zena Stenvik and Director of Technology and Security Services Bryan Hennekens provided the annual update on Strategic Direction A: Expand access and opportunities by turbo charging what works and redesigning what needs to be better and Strategic Direction B: Innovate to close the Achievement Gap with accountability and efficiency. 

    View the PowerPoint presentation.

    Truth in Taxation Hearing

    Director of Finance and Operations Kristine Carr and Dr. Kelly Smith of Springsted, Inc.facilitated the annual hearing. By law, the School Board must inform the public of the district’s revenue, expenditures, fund balances and other relevant budget information. This public hearing (watch here, starts at the 53 minute mark) included a presentation on the district’s budget. View the PowerPoint presentation.  View the District's Budgets

    Action Items

    Pay 2018 Levy


    Resolution to Combine Precincts for Special Election


    Appointment of a TIES Board of Directors School Board Alternate

    The School Board appointed Lorien Mueller as the alternate to represent this District at the Jan. 24, 2018 TIES Special Called Board Meeting.

    Board Topics

    Director Lewis congratulated CHHS Senior Manny Alvarez who was selected, and played, at the 2017 Minnesota State All-Star football game. Director Severson shared a reminder that School Board Work Sessions are open to the public. Vice Chair Palmer shared that the Columbia Academy presentation of Into the Woods, Jr. will be 7 p.m. Dec. 14, 15 and 16 and 2 p.m. Dec. 17 at the CHHS Performing Arts Center.

    Into the Woods, Jr. Upcoming Key Dates

    7 p.m. Dec. 14, 15, 16, Columbia Academy musical Into the Woods, Jr., CHHS Performing Arts Center
    2 p.m. Dec. 17, Columbia Academy musical Into the Woods, Jr., CHHS Performing Arts Center
    Dec. 22 - Jan. 2, No School - Winter Break 
    5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 9, School Board Organizational Meeting, Community Room 
    7 p.m. Tuesday Jan. 9, Regular School Board Meeting, Community Room
    5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 16, School Board Listening Session
    5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan.16, School Board Work Session

    School Board Committee Assignments

    Chair John Larkin: Columbia Heights Business Council, School Board Policy Sub-Committee and Liaison to North Park Elementary School.

    Vice Chair Laura Palmer: Association of Metropolitan School Districts, Minnesota School Board Association Legislative Liaison, NE Metro Intermediate District 916 Board and Liaison to the Family Center.

    Clerk Naty Severson: Minnesota State High School League, Liaison to City of Columbia Heights, School Board Policy Sub-Committee and Liaison to Columbia Heights High School.

    Treasurer Hala Asamarai: TIES, School Board Policy Sub-Committee and Liaison to Highland Elementary School.

    Director Molly Lewis: Liaison to the City of Fridley and Liaison to Columbia Academy.

    Director Lorien Mueller: Educational Cooperative Service Unit, Liaison to the City of Hilltop and Liaison to Valley View Elementary School.