Parent/Guardian Guide to Statewide Testing

  • Why statewide testing?

    Minnesota values its educational system and the professionalism of its educators. Minnesota educators created the academic standards which are rigorous and prepare our students for career and college. The statewide assessments are how we as a state measure that curriculum and daily instruction in our schools are being aligned to the academics standards, ensuring all students are being provided an equitable education. Statewide assessment results are just one tool to monitor that we are providing our children with the education that will ensure a strong workforce and knowledgeable citizens.

    Why does participation matter?

    A statewide assessment is just one measure of your student’s achievement, but your student’s participation is important to understand how effectively the education at your student’s school is aligned to the academic standards.

    • Students who do not participate will receive a score of "not proficient."

    • Students who receive a college-ready score on the high school MCA may not be required to take a remedial, noncredit course at a Minnesota State college or university in the corresponding subject area.
    • Educators and policy makers use information from assessments to make decisions about resources and support provided.

    • School performance results that are publicly released and used by families and communities are negatively impacted if students do not participate in assessments.

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    Refusal to Test Form

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