Getting Your Hands 'Dirty'

  • Blooming Heights is sustained by the love and hard work of CHPS students and community members.  We would love to have your support and involvement as a volunteer for Blooming Heights. Volunteer projects range from assisting with garden education, helping with garden maintenance, preserving summer produce through canning, drying, and dehydrating, and much more. We’d also love to find ways to utilize individual skills and interests you’d like to share.

    For more information, contact Agriculture Specialist Wes Nugteren at 763-528-4508 or

Learn at Home with Blooming Heights

  • Even though we can't be in the garden together right now, Agriculture Specialist Wes Nugteren is committed to bringing the spirit of Blooming Heights to students and staff virtually!

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Visiting the Garden

  • Blooming Heights is always open to the public and we welcome visitors seeking to enjoy this beautiful and unique place.

    You are welcome to explore the garden, have lunch under the pergola, and be inspired by the hard work that students put into creating a beautiful outdoor classroom. Please remember that Blooming Heights is an educational garden and all of the vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers are for student use first. Please do not pick anything unless a teacher, staff member or the agricultural specialist gives you permission.

    The garden is located at: 1440 49th Ave NE in Columbia Heights. From the front of the District Office and High School, follow the sidewalk to the east around the Family Center. Take a right in front of the playground and Blooming Heights is right up the small hill. You can’t miss it!

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