Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)

  • Parent and chiod

    What is ECFE?
    Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) is a Columbia Heights Public School program for parents and their children. Recognizing that parents are their child's first and most important teachers, ECFE provides a place for parents and children to play and learn together.

    Who can attend ECFE classes?
    All families with children birth to five years old are welcome to attend classes. Families may join classes during the year, as space permits. Children must be the appropriate age by birthdate for all classes by Sept. 1. No exceptions will be made.

    For Parents and Children
    The first half hour of each class is devoted to activities planned by a licensed Early Childhood Educator. This is a time for parents and children to explore a variety of learning activities together. It is also an opportunity to learn new songs, games and activities to do together at home.

    For children
    For the remainder of each class, children have fun learning through play. With the guidance of a licensed Early Childhood Educator and Assistant, children enjoy art, puzzles, movement, songs, games and stories. The goal of the children's program is to develop a positive self-concept and joy of learning.

    For parents
    While the children take part in the program, a licensed Parent Educator leads the parent discussion group. Parent discussions focus on the interests of each group related to the joys and challenges of parenting, child development and guidance.

    Where are classes held?
    ECFE classes are held at the Family Center, 1460 49th Avenue NE, Columbia Heights.