• School Board Report
    Feb. 14, 2017 Business Meeting

    Communication to the Board

    Two parents addressed the School Board regarding communications relating to curriculum changes at Valley View Elementary School.

    Reports from Members of the Board

    Chair John Larkin participated in the Jan. 24, 2017 Business Meeting and the Feb. 14 Board Chair Meeting. He also met with parents, Superintendent Kathy Kelly and District Administration. He participated in Governance Training and the facilities tour. Chair Larkin attended the Tri-Metro Music Festival, wrestling, basketball and swimming meets and games and the Music Department spaghetti dinner.
    School Board jumps in
    Vice Chair Laura Palmer participated in the Jan. 24, 2017 Business Meeting, the Feb. 14 Board Chair Meeting, Governance Training, an Association of Metropolitan School Districts (AMSD) and a NE Metro Intermediate District 916 Board meeting. Vice Chair Palmer also had a meeting with Superintendent Kelly.

    Clerk Naty Severson participated in the Jan. 24, 2017 Business Meeting, volunteered in the SACA Fire and Ice Polar Plunge and visited Valley View Elementary School, meeting with Principal Willie Fort and Dean Camille Erickson (pictured). She also participated in Governance Training and went on the facilities tour.  Clerk Severson attended swimming meets and basketball games.

    School Board at Valley View Treasurer Hala Asamarai participated in the Jan. 24, 2017 Business Meeting, visited Valley View Elementary School, participated in Governance Training and went on the facilities tour.  She also met with Board Member Lewis and had conversations with Superintendent Kelly, parents, community members and students.

    Director Molly Lewis participated in the Jan. 24, 2017 Business Meeting and Governance Training. She met with Board Member Asamarai and Superintendent Kelly. Director Lewis also attended conferences at Highland Elementary School and a girls' basketball game.

    Director Lorien Mueller participated in the Jan. 24, 2017 Business Meeting, Governance Training and the facilities tour.  She attended a Parent Advisory Council meeting at Columbia Academy, volunteered in the SACA Fire and Ice Polar Plunge, visited Valley View Elementary School and attended a girls' varsity basketball game.

    Superintendent's Report

    Superintendent Kathy Kelly participated in the Jan. 24, 2017 Business MeetinNorth Park student and teacher g, the Feb. 14 Board Chair Meeting, Governance Training and the facilities tour. She reported that she and staff are working on the logistics of an upcoming College Board metro area leadership meeting. She participated, with the E-12 Administrative Team in a workshop entitled Shifting Resources to Better Support Programs in the Budget. She reported that the E-12 Administrative Team is currently meeting to address 2017-2018 staffing as well as meeting on instructional practices. She reported that multiple members of the City of Columbia Heights have visited the School District, including the new mayor and a councilperson and the Chief of Police. Superintendent Kelly met with various teachers in their classrooms. The Superintendent thanked the band and choir for a spaghetti dinner fundraiser and announced the Banfill-Locke Student Art Show (photo of North Park student and his teacher) continues through March 3. Lastly, she shared that the high school Dynamix choir is performing a joint concert 4 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 19 at the Performing Arts Center. 

    Reports and Information Items

    Columbia Academy video

    Columbia Academy Principal Duane Berkas and Director of Communications Casey Mahon showed a new informational video to support the school's communication's objectives (be sure to turn your volume on). 

    Columbia Academy Window Replacement

    Director of Finance and Operations Bill Holmgren provided an overview of replacing windows at Columbia Academy. Four bids were received. Director Holmgren is recommending that a contract be awarded to TMG Construction with a bid of $360,000, which is more than $76,000 less than the next bid and $165,000 less than the highest. This project is funded from the 2014 Capital Projects Levy. Director Holmgren will bring this as an action item at an upcoming School Board Business Meeting.

    Summer 2017 Programming

    Director of Student Services Nicole Halabi, Director of Community Education Kristen Stuenkel and Director Zena Stenvik shared information on academic enrichment, remediation, child care and activities for summer 2017 programming.  View their PowerPoint presentation.

    Summer Program Collaboration with St. Anthony New Brighton

    Director Stenvik discussSummer 2016 student ed the background and the 2017-2018 collaboration with St. Anthony New Brighton Public Schools. The collaborative summer seminar was created to increase integration, access to rigorous coursework and to prepare incoming ninth graders for high school. The intensive writing course was designed for students in the academic middle who would benefit from a summer boost to be successful in advanced high school classes. The course is co-taught by one teacher from each of the districts and made up of students from both districts. The collaborative summer courses are funded through the Incentive Revenue portion of the Achievement and Integration plan. View the PowerPoint presentation

    2017 American Indian Education updateAmerican Indian Education

    Director of Student Services Nicole Halabi provided updated information on the American Indian Education Program, which is now a singular program (previously shared with two other school districts) of Columbia Heights Public Schools. Director Halabi shared the program is becoming very popular and that the committee will be meeting shortly.  She also said a resolution in accordance with Minn. Stat. § 124D.78 will be brought before the School Board at an upcoming meeting.

    2017-2018 School Calendar

    Director Halabi gave an overview of the 2017-2018 school year calendar. This item will be brought forth at an upcoming Business Meeting for recommended approval.

    Special Education Cross-Subsidy (Columbia Heights Public Schools)

    Directors Halabi and Holmgren provided a definition and explanation of how the Special Education Cross-Subsidy has changed and is impacting the Columbia Heights Public Schools' budget. View their PowerPoint presentation.  To read the Special Education Cross-Subsidy Frequently Asked Questions handout click here.

    Mini Adventures Community Education Adventure Club/Mini Adventure Club Fees

    Directors Stuenkel and Holmgren requested the School Board support Community Education’s Adventure Club childcare and Mini Adventures preschool childcare program’s fees for 2017-2018. The directors shared information about each program and what each fees provides. They reported a three percent increase is necessary to cover payroll and benefit costs for Adventure Club and Mini Adventures staff. View the PowerPoint presentation.

    Achievement and Integration Plan

    Director Stenvik provided an annual overview of the plan and funding that supports integration, reduction of the achievement gap and the ongoing work to create the World's Best Work Force through college and career readiness for all students. Her presentation included goals, strategies and a budget. View the PowerPoint presentation.

    Curriculum Cycle

    Director Stenvik provided information on the implementation of the seven-year curriculum review cycle. This update, she said, reflects the most recent information from the state regarding revision of standards in key content areas. View the PowerPoint presentation.

    John Larkin  Laura Palmer  Naty Severson  Hala Asamarai  Molly Lewis  Lorien Mueller
    School Board Recognition Week

    Superintendent Kelly recognized the School Board with certificates of appreciation "for their dedication and hard work to help build an education system that meets the needs of both today's and tomorrow's children."

    Action Items

    Teacher/ECFE Teacher Seniority Lists

    The School Board approved the seniority list request for teachers and Early Childhood educators.

    Seniority Lists

    The School Board approved the seniority list request as it applies to clerical, custodians, Food Services, Lunch Duty Monitors and Education Assistants.

    Board Policies - Second Reading

    The School Board approved Board Policy 807 (Health and Safety) as first presented at the Jan. 24 Business Meeting. 

    Upcoming Key Dates

    Monday, Feb. 20, No School - District Office Closed
    5 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 21 - Special Called Board Meeting, Community Room (Listening Session canceled) 
    5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 21 - School Board Work Session, Community Room
    7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28 - Regular School Board Meeting, Community Room 

    School Board Committee Assignments

    Chair John Larkin: Columbia Heights Business Council, School Board Policy Sub-Committee and Liaison to North Park Elementary School.

    Vice Chair Laura Palmer: Association of Metropolitan School Districts, Minnesota School Board Association Legislative Liaison, NE Metro Intermediate District 916 Board and Liaison to the Family Center.

    Clerk Naty Severson: Minnesota State High School League, Liaison to City of Columbia Heights, School Board Policy Sub-Committee and Liaison to Columbia Heights High School.

    Treasurer Hala Asamarai: TIES, School Board Policy Sub-Committee and Liaison to Highland Elementary School.

    Director Molly Lewis: Liaison to the City of Fridley and Liaison to Columbia Academy.

    Director Lorien Mueller: Educational Cooperative Service Unit, Liaison to the City of Hilltop and Liaison to Valley View Elementary School.

    For more information on the School Board Report, call or email Communications Director Casey Mahon at 763-528-4503 or mahonc@colheights.k12.mn.us

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