• August 25, 2015 Regular Business Meeting

    Acknowledgement of Contributions

    Chair John Larkin announced, and the School Board approved, a resolution for accepting current contributions in the amount of $2,500.00.

      Discussion, Reports, Information Items

    • Chair John Larkin did not have a report.
    • Vice Chair Ted Landwehr had meetings with Superintendent Kathy Kelly and West Metro Education Program (WEMP) administrators, attended the "Scaling the Heights" new teacher orientation and the tour following and had discussions with constituents.

    • Treasurer Molly Lewis met with Superintendent Kelly, attended the Aug. 11 Work Session, attended the varsity football game and "Scaling the Heights."

    • Clerk Laura Palmer attended the Aug. 11 Work Session and had a meeting with constituents.

    • Director Grant Nichols attended the varsity football game and the "Scaling the Heights" and follow-on city tour.
      Superintendent Kathy Kelly's Report

    • Participated in the District E-12 Administrative retreat focusing on leadership change aligned to the Strategic Roadmap.  She mentioned that a special focus was on American Indian education, including an educational field trip.

    • Engaged in the Aug. 11th Work Session.

    • Shared that she and Director of Finance and Operations Bill Holmgren met with a district attorney on the legal implications and liabilities regarding the future development of the Castle Heights' site.

    • Reported she had a delightful meeting with Director Lewis.

    • Noted she had a meeting with WEMP administrators.

    • Shared that negotiations with Local 710 continue.

    • Discussed with new Columbia Academy Principal Duane Berkas his planned first 100 days of school.

    • Reported she met with Vice Chair Landwehr and met with various School Board directors.

    • Attended the first varsity football game, in which the Hylanders won 40-0.
    Customer Service plan: Director of Human Resources Lindsey Bennett and Director of Student Services Nicole Halabi gave a presentation on the District's new Customer Service plan. They said the training is based on the University of Minnesota Extension Office "At Your Service, Working with Multicultural Customers" program. They shared that the goals of the training are to:
    • Understand the foundations of customer service.
    • Increase awareness of culture and how it affects customer service, both as the service provider and for the customers.
    • Gain enthusiasm, confidence and commitment to provide superior service to all customers.
    Employee Handbook: Director Bennett gave an overview of the 2015-2016 Employee Handbook (cover above right). She shared there are minimal changes, including updated policies.  She will bring this agenda item forward at a future meeting as an action item. She also said to save money, printed copies will not be published; the handbook will only be online.

    Victoria Campoverde welcomes new students at the Placement Center.

    Placement Center: Director Halabi presented an update on the Placement Center. Her presentation included history, demographic and enrollment data (by district and by school) for the 2014-2015 school year. Last year 1,401 students were enrolled at the Placement Center, the one-stop location for registering to attend a Columbia Heights public school. She shared the current total number of students enrolled for this school year is 3,113; however, she noted the official state figures will be determined as of Oct. 1, 2015. Director Halabi also gave an update on current Placement Center activities, including staffing, customer service and early childhood screening. Click here for her PowerPoint presentation.

     Action Items

    Long-term facilities maintenance revenue:
    The School Board approved the budget for the long-term facilities maintenance revenue. Director Holmgren briefed the School Board on this subject at the Aug. 11, 2015 Business Meeting.
    Click here for the PowerPoint presentation.

      School Board Topics


    Directors Landwehr and Nichols shared that the new playgrounds are being built and they are looking very nice.

      Key Dates

    • Sept. 8, Tuesday, First school day for students
    • Sept. 8, Tuesday, 8 a.m., School Board Special Election filing opens
    • Sept. 8, Tuesday, 7 p.m., Regular School Board Meeting, Community Room
    • Sept. 15, Tuesday, 5 p.m., School Board Listening Session, Family Center
    • Sept. 15, Tuesday, 5:30 p.m., School Board Work Session, Community Room
    • Sept. 22, Tuesday, 4:30 p.m. School Board Special Election filing closes
    • Sept. 22, Tuesday, 7 p.m., Regular School Board Meeting, Community Room
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      School Board standing committee assignments

    Chair John Larkin
    Liaison to City of Fridley

    School Board Policy Sub-Committee
    Liaison to Highland ES

    Vice Chair Ted Landwehr
    Minnesota School Board Association
    West Metro Education Program
    Liaison to Valley View ES

    Open Position
    Association of Metropolitan School Districts
    Liaison to City of Hilltop
    Liaison to Family Center

    Treasurer Molly Lewis
    Minnesota State High School League
    School Board Policy Sub-Committee
    Liaison to Columbia Heights HS

    Clerk Laura Palmer
    NE Metro Intermediate District 916 Board

    Columbia Heights Business Council
    Liaison to North Park ES

    Director Grant Nichols
    Educational Cooperative Service Unit
    Liaison to City of Columbia Heights
    School Board Policy Sub-Committee
    Liaison to Columbia Academy