• November 18, 2014 Regular Business Meeting

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    Discussion, Reports and Information Items

    Report highlights from the School Board acting on behalf of Columbia Heights Public Schools

    • Vice-Chair John Larkin participated in the November 18 Listening Session followed by the Work Session, canvassed election results, attended a CHHS play (picture right) and band and choir concerts.  He also thanked the entire community for supporting the District on its two levy questions.

    • Treasurer Lori Meyer participated in the November 18 Work Session, attended the Minnesota School Board Association (MSBA) Pre-Delegate Assembly and had conversations with School Board members.
    • Clerk Missy Lee did not have a report.  She did share that she has heard from many people in the community who congratulated the District on the passage of the two levy questions.

    • Director Ted Landwehr attended the MSBA Pre-Delegate Assembly, participated in the November 18 Listening Session and Work Session, a West Metro Education Program Board meeting and talked with constituents.  He thanked the community also for supporting the two levy questions.

    Superintendent's Report: Superintendent Kelly did not have a report, but did say the Administration will look at the Delegate Assembly Resolutions and will report back to the School Board with recommendations.

    Discussion, Reports and Information Items

    Building Vision Card - Highland Elementary School: Principal Michele Dewitt presented an annual update of the Highland Elementary School Strategic Roadmap Vision Card, to include:

    • Enrollment data
    • Demographic data
    • Achievement data
    • Graduation data
    • Implementation data
    • Focus area updates: Programs and strategies
    • Outreach: Parents and community
    • Looking ahead: Goals and planning

    Click here for Principal DeWitt's PowerPoint.

    Columbia Heights Public Schools has active parent (above) and college and career-readiness (right) programs.

    Vision Cards - Strategic Direction A and B: Director of Teaching and Learning Duane Berkas and Director of Technology and Security Services Bryan Hennekens provided the annual update of Vision Cards A (Expand access and opportunities by turbo charging what works and redesigning  what needs to be better) and B (Innovate to close the Achievement Gap with accountability and efficiency), to include:

    • Implementation data
    • Achievement Data
    • Focus area updates: Programs and strategies
    • Outreach: Parents and community
    • Looking ahead: Goals and planning

    Click here for Director's Berkas and Hennekens' PowerPoint.

    Parent Services: Director of Student Services Nicole Halabi, English Language/Family Engagement Coordinator Jane Riordan and Educational Support Coordinator Marcia Walker, presented District Website information on family resources and services.  They provided a "web tour" that included pages on Family Engagement (right), the Placement Center, Health Services and more. 

    NE Metro 916 Agreement: Director Halabi presented information on The Agreement to Provide Special Education and Related Services for the 2014/15 school year. The purpose of this agreement is for Northeast Metro Intermediate District 916 to provide staffing and services to students enrolled in and receiving special education services in Columbia Heights Public Schools.  This will be brought forward as an Action Item at an upcoming School Board Business Meeting.

    Action Items  

    Columbia Academy Spanish field trip: The School Board approved an overnight field trip for Level 1 Spanish students at Columbia Academy.  Specifics of the trip were provided at the October 23, 2014 School Board meeting (click here).

    BoardBook renewal: The School Board renewed the District’s subscription to BoardBook, an electronic "paperless" board meeting agenda system, for the calendar year December 1, 2014 to November 30, 2015.

    Amendment of Resolution to be congruent with Election Abstract:  The School Board amended the resolution to make the write-in ballots (changing from 94 to 96 from the November 4, 2014 election) congruent with the Election Abstract.

    Board Policies - Second Reading: The following policies were approved by the School Board:

    402 - Disability Nondiscrimination Policy
    806 - Crisis Management Policy

    Key Dates:

    • Nov. 25, 7 p.m., Regular School Board Meeting, Community Room
    • Nov. 26, No school, District In-Service Day
    • Nov. 27 and 28, No school, District Office closed
    • Dec. 9, 6:30 p.m., Tenured Teacher Recognition, Family Center
    • Dec. 9, 7 p.m., Regular School Board Meeting, Community Room

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    School Board Standing Committee/School Assignments
    Chair Scott Bardell
    Association of Metropolitan School Districts

    Liaison to City of FridleySchool Board Policy Sub-Committee
    Family Center
    Vice Chair John Larkin
    Minnesota State High School League
    Columbia Heights High School
    Clerk Missy Lee
    Liaison to City of Columbia Heights
    Highland Elementary School

    Treasurer Lori Meyer
    Educational Cooperative Service Unit
    Liaison to City of Hilltop
    Valley View Elementary School

    Director Ted Landwehr
    West Metro Education Program

    School Board Policy Sub-Committee
    North Park Elementary School