• April 8, 2014 Regular Business Meeting 

    Discussion, Reports and Information Items

    Reports from the School Board:

    • Interim Chair Scott Bardell reported that he attended high school synchronized swimming meets and Columbia Heights/Fridley Rotary meetings.

    • Vice-Chair John Larkin attended a Columbia Heights/Fridley Rotary Club meeting.  He also attended the Columbia Academy "It Takes a Village" event, the school's Variety Show and the Highland Elementary School PTO fundraiser.  Vice-Chair Larkin also provided a reminder about the April 30, 2014 "Clean, Fed and Warm" fundraiser, of which this school district is a partner with the City of Columbia Heights, its police and fire departments, Southern Anoka County Assistance (SACA) and Kody's Closet.  The collaborative partnership has a goal of raising $8,000 for clothing, toiletries and food for local children in need (click on graphic at right).  
    • Treasurer Lori Meyer had no report.
    • Clerk Missy Lee attended the National School Board Association (NSBA) Conference in New Orleans.

    • Director Ted Landwehr attended a Highland Elementary School PTO fundraiser, a Chamber Business Council Meeting, a Lions Club meeting and met with a constituent.  He will also be touring North Park Elementary School (Wednesday, April 9, 2014).

    • Director Laura Palmer attended a Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District Board meeting and the NSBA conference.

    Superintendent's Report:

    • Reported she participated in the NSBA conference with members of our School Board.  Superintendent Kelly shared that three Minnesota school districts participated, including Columbia Heights Public Schools which presented a conference breakout session on music education programs.

    • Updated that she and Director of Finance and Operations Bill Holmgren met with Northeast Bank officials to close on the Valley View Elementary School addition paperwork.

    • Noted that she had her final official meeting with Local 710 President Coleman Nemerov.  The Superintendent shared Local 710 has elected a new president (Teacher Carl Lightbody from Highland Elementary School) and that the process for the transition will start next month.
    • Shared that Columbia Heights Mayor Gary Peterson called to congratulate and say how proud he is that Columbia Academy and this school district received a National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) award.  The award recognizes the support of the instrumental music program at the school.  Columbia Academy is the only school in Minnesota to receive this award.
    • Encouraged the public to attend the eighth annual Sister City Young Artist/Author "Connect Globally, Thrive Locally" Showcase, 7 p.m., Wednesday, April 9 at Murzyn Hall.  The Superintendent shared that the artists and authors are school district students between 13- and 18-years-old.  Only one piece of artwork and five works of poetry will move to the national level.

    • Announced the eighth annual, "Who will be the next Heights Idol" Round One auditions begin 7 p.m., May 15 at Murzyn Hall with Round 2 performances 6:30 p.m., June 28 outside Murzyn Hall during the Heights Jamboree/City Celebration.  Talented youth, adults and seniors are encouraged to try out for prizes, trophies and more.  For more information, call 763-706-3733.

    Discussion, Reports, Information Items

    Vision Card - North Park Elementary School: Director of Teaching and Learning Duane Berkas and North Park Elementary School Principal Jeff Cacek presented information on the Vision Cards for North Park Elementary that tie to the District Strategic Plan. Principal Cacek briefed the School Board on:

    • Enrollment Data
    • Demographic Data
    • Achievement Data
    • Implementation Data
    • Focus area updates: Programs and strategies
    • Outreach: Parents and community
    • Looking ahead: Goals and planning

    Principal Cacek's PowerPoint presentation can be viewed by clicking here.

    K-12 Activities Council Report:  Director Berkas introduced K-12 Activites Director Matt Miller who provided an update from the most recent Activities Council meeting, which included:

    • Update on program successes 2013-2014
    • Update on key actions from Activities Council
    • Current areas of focus for improvement
    • Looking ahead

    Director Miller's PowerPoint presentation can be viewed by clicking here.  Pictured at right and profiled in the presentation is Columbia Heights High School junior Leandre Bauswell who competed at the State Wrestling Tournament. 

    Action Items

    School Board Policies: The School Board approved the following policies:

    208 - Development, Adoption and Implementation of Policies
    533 - Wellness
    615 - Testing Accommodations, Modifications and Exemptions
    620 - Credit for Learning
    624 - Online Learning Options
    707 - Transportation of Public School Students
    904 - Distribution of Materials by non-school Persons

    Valley View Elementary School Addition Bids: Director of Finance and Operations Bill Holmgren presented the School Board with eleven bids totaling $2,770,293 for the Valley View Elementary School addition.  The School Board had approved the addition at the Oct. 8, 2013 Regular Business meeting.  The approved bids are under the $3.227 million budget for the project, which is scheduled to begin this summer and be completed by January 2015.  The addition is to help offset substantial and sustained enrollment, and address safety and special education facility needs. The project is being financed using a Lease Purchase from the General Fund.  The School Board approved the bids. 

    School Board Chair Election: The School Board voted for candidates Scott Bardell and Ted Landwehr. As each candidate received three votes and there was a tie vote, a Chair was not elected. The School Board will continue to vote for a Chair at the next Regular Business Meeting.

    Key Dates:

    • April 15, 6 p.m., School Board Work Session, Community Room
    • April 18, No School
    • April 22, 7 p.m., Regular School Board Meeting, Community Room
    • May 13, 7 p.m., Regular School Board Meeting, Community Room

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