• Board of Education

  • District Vision Statement: 

    Achieve academic and co-curricular excellence, high student and staff morale, in partnership with our diverse community.


    District Mission Statement:

    Provide a positive educational experience that allows all stakeholders to achieve their potential through:

    • Communication
    • High Standards and Expectations
    • Planning and Evaluation
    • Acknowledging the Value of Community

    District Priorities Goals:

    Goal 1 : Increase academic achievement for all students

    • Task 1: Implement differentiated curriculum and instruction
    • Task 2: Measure and report results from District assessments, standardized testing, and state accountability testing
    • Task 3: Maintain and support a clearly defined curriculum cycle

    Goal 2: Remain fiscally responsible

    • Task 1: Continue District Finance Committee
    • Task 2: Communicate quarterly general expenditure reports to public via media

    Goal 3: Increase communication among all stakeholders

    • Task 1: Maximize our technology for improved input and output
    • Task 2: Increase visibility through all media
    • Task 3: Improve District and building marketing and information

    Goal 4: Increase participation in co-curricular activities District- wide

    • Task 1: Statistics on enrollment and participation in co-curricular activities recorded and reported