Test Prep

  • MCA

    The MN Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) is a state-wide test in math, science, writing or reading. Students are scored on a scale: below proficiency, partially proficient, proficient, and exceeds standards. The MCA tests are taken in April of each year. See the district calendar for this year’s testing dates.

    Generally, students take one to two MCA tests per year.

    Reading, Grade 10

    Science, Grade 10/11

    Math, Grade 11


    The EXPLORE test is part of the family of tests from the ACT company. It is taken in grades 8 and 9. Results also give feedback about career interests and strengths. The EXPLORE test is taken in October of each year and results come back in the winter.

    The Explore test includes four multiple-choice tests: English, Math, Reading, and Science.

    Subject Number of Questions Length of Section
    English 40 30 minutes
    Math 30 30 minutes
    Reading 20 30 minutes
    ACT 28 30 minutes


    The American College Test (ACT) is a standardized college entrance test used for admissions at most MN colleges and universities. The ACT test can be taken at grades 11 and 12. Many students opt to take the test more than once to try to improve their scores. Scores are on a scale of 1-36; though generally, scores at or above 22 will allow the incoming college freshman to not need to take any remedial courses in college. The ACT is offered many times throughout the year. Two fee waivers are available per student. ACT testing areas are math, English, reading, science, and (optional) writing.

    Students need to create an account with ACT to upload a picture of themselves before coming to the ACT test session.


    The Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) is an aptitude test. It tests material that may not have been directly taught to you. The SAT test is most commonly used for east coast colleges and universities. Fee waivers are available.


    The Pre Scholastic Achievement Test (PSAT) is both a practice for the SAT and other standardized tests as well as a nation-wide talent search for the National Merit Scholar Program. The PSAT is offered as an option for students in grades 10 and 11 each fall at CHHS. Fee waivers are available.