Ramp Up to Readiness

  • We want all of our students to be well prepared for college or career options upon graduation from our school system. In order to support the learning and decision making that requires, Columbia Heights High School uses the University of Minnesota’s Ramp Up to Readiness program in advisory. Students meet in small groups with staff members throughout the school year to cover topics like school success today, goal setting, career interests, college possibilities, building a resume and keeping on top of grades now.


    Naviance Family Connection


    Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
    • Getting Help in School
    • Personality types
    • Decision making
    • Goal setting
    • Postsecondary planning
    • Note taking
    • Time management
    • Careers
    • Motivation
    • Mindsets
    • Paying for College
    • College Admissions
    • Resumes
    • Careers
    • Priorities
    • Financial Aid
    • Choosing classes
    • Goals
    • Applying to college
    • Choosing a college
    • Finances
    • Financial Aid
    • Study groups
    • Social Skills