What Out Students Say...

  • "AP requires a lot of analytical thinking skills. You have to be committed to devoting time everyday. There's a lot of reading and writing feedback/analytical papers. It is a very interesting class because you're involved in many debates, mock-meetings, skits and projects."

    "I'm in 2 AP classes and I feel like American History is very effective. It's actually my favorite class of the day. It is really hard, but Ms. Edwardson knows how to adjust the workload to help us. It is an awesome class!"

    "The American History class is interesting because I like history. It's active and there are many debates and even mock trials. It's the AP challenge. After the test, you also do basically nothing."

    "I like the AP classes because it helps me prepare for college level work. It is interactive and fun."

    "AP History expands my learning everyday. There is always a new challenge. Debates and discussion are fun."

    "The AP classes provide good discussions and a lot of homework. It is fun to participate, but it takes dedication."

    "AP is definitely a step up from a normal high school class. AP is a great to take in order to begin to prepare for college work."

    "I love debate/discussions vs. textbook reading only. I love the hands on activities. THE AP teachers really knows their stuff."

    "AP classes are hard and challenging. The classes push you to your limit and you do lots and lots of work."

    "AP is fun and there are a lot more notes."

    "AP classes are challenging with much to live up to. You learn a lot, if you can keep up."