Pre-AP Courses

  • Pre-AP 9th Grade Physical Science
    Pre AP Physical Science is an accelerated class intended to prepare 9th grade students for Advanced Placement science classes in the future. The class covers the Physical Science course content, but offers accelerated rigor and additional challenge. Students develop skills for reading, studying, testing, writing essays, and designing experiments that are necessary for success in AP classes. The tests are written in a format that is similar to AP exams including both multiple choice and free-response questions. Ideally, students would complete Pre AP Physical Science in their freshman year, and then move on to AP Biology in their sophomore year.

    (Two Trimester Course Grade 9)

    Pre-AP 9th Grade Language Arts
    This is an enriched course designed for 9th graders with skills significantly above grade level. A significant amount of reading and study outside of class time will be expected. English 9 units will include an introductory speech, mythology, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Of Mice & Men, and grammar. English 9 Literature will include vocabulary development and poetry studies in addition to a re-search paper. Romeo & Juliet and To Kill a Mockingbird will be the key literature units.

    (Two Trimester Course Grade 9)

    Pre-AP 10th Grade Language Arts
    This is an enriched course designed for 10th graders thinking about taking AP English courses in 11th and/or 12th grade. In Pre AP English 10A, students will work at an accelerated pace to cover the required units including the Persuasive Essay, multicultural literature, and practicing for the Minnesota Test of Written Composition. They also work with SAT I vocabulary development and Antigone. Pre AP English 10B includes vocabulary work, practice for the MCA Reading Test, and a film review project. Students will also write a literary analysis research paper, study Julius Caesar, and Lord of the Flies. Students who sign up for this class will be expected to complete a significant amount of work outside of class time

    (Two Trimester Course Grade 10)