Parking Information

  • mapWhile visiting District facilities, we ask that you use the designated parking spaces as noted on the map.

    For safety reasons, please also use the designated entrance and exit locations.

    The Family Center Parking Lot
    A small lot is located east of the Center for families coming to register at the Placement Center and for families participating in our Community Education programs.

    The "Horseshoe" (High School/District Office/Family Center) 
    Temporary Pick-up/Drop-off: Located directly in front of the main entrances to the District Center and high school, the yellow-curbed area is available only for temporary pick-up/drop-offs.

    Pool Parking: Marked spots are available for pool programming that runs most days Monday through Saturday with outside groups and Community Education.

    Visitor Parking: Located on the inside of the horseshoe closest to the high school, this is specifically for guests visiting the high school and District Center.

    Permit Parking: Located within the horseshoe on the east side, this is 24-hour reserved parking for key district personnel.

    Short-term Parking: Located west of Highland Elementary School, there are spots intended for short-term visitors, like parents dropping off and picking up students for Highland, the high school and the Family Center.

    Student Parking
    Student parking is available in the West Lot across from the football field. There is no fee for parking, but students must register their vehicle with the attendance office and have a permit.

    Hylander Center parking
    A second lot for additional student parking is available, same rules as above apply. This lot may also be used by guests visiting the Hylander Center.

    Staff Parking
    Staff parking is available in the West Lot, on either side of Columbia Heights High School and Highland Elementary and adjacent to the Student/Hylander Center parking area.