Early Childhood Screening

  • Screening is required by MN State Statute 121A.17 for entrance into Minnesota public schools or within 30 days of kindergarten enrollment. Screening is best completed at three years of age. 

    Early childhood screening is an important part of supporting your child’s health and development. During the screening, your child will go through a developmental screening where speech, motor and cognitive skills are reviewed. Your child will have their height, weight, vision and hearing checked. You will participate in a summary interview to review the screening process, your child’s social and emotional skills, and discuss any concerns you may have. Screenings last approximately 60 minutes.

    Appointments are required. Registration paperwork is completed prior to the appointment, along with submitting a copy of your child’s birth certificate and immunization record.

    *COVID-19 UPDATE: 2020-2021 school year, screenings are completed by parent report only. Families will complete registration paperwork, hearing and vision questionnaires, and developmental and social emotional screeners. Once completed and returned, Early Childhood Screeners will contact families with results and answer questions. There is no in-person screening. If your child is three years old and has not been screened elseahwere, please call 763-528-4517. 

    For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact the Community Education Department at 763-528-4517.