Principal Jeff Cacek

  • hide Welcome to the North Park School for Innovation Website! Our school is part of Columbia Heights Public Schools serving approximately 400 students and their families. As you explore the information on our site, you will be presented with evidence of what our community finds important to the development of our young students. We focus on the whole student at North Park. Our students’ success with learning to read and understanding math and science are well documented. A North Park student’s experience does not stop with these important disciplines, however. 

    The 4 C’s of 21st Century Skills are at the forefront of everything our students do. The 4 C’s consist of Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking and Creativity. As a community, we practice these skills every day. One of our signature programming features is STEAM (Science, Technology integration, Engineering, Arts and Math). One of the valuable products of STEAM is the ability for each student to individualize their own learning. Within this program we give specific attention to the principles of design and creativity. Our students have the opportunity to apply the skills they are learning to develop solutions to engaging challenges on a regular basis, thus creating a highly engaging experience.

    Another important factor of making North Park great are actively engaged families. Our PTA supports several family activities throughout the year including Turkey Bingo, Fine Arts Night and the North Park Family BBQ. The fundraising done by the organization has assisted with the purchase of technology tools that makes our development of the 4 C’s possible. Check out the PTO tab to see what this group has in store for the year.

    In addition to our PTA is a committed group of family volunteers. Each day, North Park is supported by an armada of rotating volunteers our students and staff. Our families bring a great sense of pride when their children see them at school. 

    It is a privilege to work for the children and families of the North Park community. I am certain you will feel the positive energy of our community the moment you step into our building. If you are not familiar with us, I invite you contact me for tour. We expect great things and want you to be part of our community.