Five-Year Plan Highlights

During the next five years, Heighten the Arts will undertake a number of district- and community-wide efforts aimed at expanding and deepening the arts-related opportunities offered for community members from preschool through adulthood.

  • District Framework, Planning, Policies, and Resources: In addition to establishing a part-time district arts coordinator, the committee will write grant applications to arts funding sources and explore an elementary band program - while ensuring that the district's art experiences reflect the cultures of the students and families in the schools.
  • Curriculum and Assessment: The committee will support a multi-pronged approach to introducing and sustaining arts education within the schools. Examples include increasing dance opportunities, vertically aligning visual arts and music curricula, integrating all arts into the after-school curricula, expanding media arts classes, and providing art field trips.
  • Professional Development: The committee seeks to provide professional development opportunities related to the arts including staff development in arts integration, dissemination of research regarding arts in education, and work with the Perpich Center for Arts Education in revising the K-12 visual arts and music curricula.
  • Facilities, Equipment, Materials, and Supplies: The committee will write plans for the acquisition of necessary equipment such as musical instruments and art books as well as plan for permanent arts space in every elementary building, increase musical opportunities for students, ensure that there are portable display units for visual art.
  • Arts and Community Partnerships: In collaboration with the City of Columbia Heights and the Columbia Heights Public Library, the district will plan art field trips, plan a mural, build a community volunteer base, connect with community organizations, and discuss the expansion of a community performance arts space.